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  • FATAL and friends...seriously

    I don't understand the love for this reviewer site, is there anyone hear that reads reviews from them and likes them? So far toe they just seem to be the IGN of RPG reviewers, especially with the herd mentality disguised as in depth analysis catered for what's it's readers WANT to read

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    I dunno, I found their review of Genius refreshing. It might help that that's the only one of theirs I read.

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      I found the review of Changing Breeds pretty funny. And the review of Cerulean Seas actually convinced me to buy that book (though maybe I was going to anyway). I've gotten to a point in my life, however, where I'm not really into cringe humor anymore, which appears to be a preferred genre of the writers and readers of that site, so there are plenty of things there that don't really jibe with me. The review of Beast was bad; the writer obviously disliked the book from the start and so cleaved to the least charitable interpretation of every aspect. But. . . what are you going to do?


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        Sometimes they have some good reviews and made me want to check out some books I never would have thought. Spire;the city must fall is one if you haven't seen it.

        And unpopular opinion, I agree with the reviewer of Beast, I find it just a pretty disgusting work in general, especially about what came out about the lead developer of it.


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          Hmm, maybe I've just haven't given then a chance by ignoring the humor and genre biases