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More books based on RPGs?

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  • More books based on RPGs?

    Recently I found an author who writes stories/books which incorporate a ton of stuff from RPG games and fell in love. Sadly her second book is a year away, and she only posts her short stories on occasion. Which leads to my question, any other author's out there who write books based on tabletop RPG games? There has to be more than one seeing as I see a ton of books based on video games in stores. Give me some suggestions.

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    Are you talking about writers that write stories in established RPG settings? Because there's plenty of those...


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      Yeah there's an entire genre of it, called litRPG. Amazon's coming up with over a thousand results. And 29 for RPGlit (which, I think, sounds better).

      There's some online serials, like the Wandering Inn, that do it too, it's about a woman sucked into an MMORPG world who is utterly out of their element and finds shelter in an abandoned inn. And Everybody Loves Large Chests, which is more pornographic (well, softcore but with a tendency towards gore) and juvenile.
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        Ahh, now I've discovered something else to keep myself occupied, RPGlit. But no, I guess it's hard to explain. This author clearly writes books based on white wolf games without it sounding like a game. Her Goodreads profile even states most of the characters were her own RPG characters at some point in time. But while she keeps aspects of the canon from the games in, the stories are not as if it's a character being played. IDK, I guess one needs to read the stories to understand. I guess she's more like the white wolf version of Max Brooks and his Minecraft The Island.


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          Ah not all the litRPG stuff has character sheets and stuff, some are based on games. But you might have more luck looking for fan fiction of the game of your choice.


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            Originally posted by Dark_Angel24 View Post
            This author clearly writes books based on white wolf games without it sounding like a game.
            I think you might be over-complicating things a bit here. Most people writing pure fiction for RPGs (or RPGlit and all that) are trying to write stories in the settings, not write stuff that sounds like a game.

            Like if you go to the main page here, there's a regular blog entry called Fiction Fridays (which is frustratingly not tagged for easier searching), where excerpts from different official Onyx Path fiction gets posted. A lot of it is from gaming books, but it can also come from pure fiction books that Oynx Path has done. Is this not the kind of story you're talking about?