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  • Classroom role play exercise

    I work for an after school program with teens, and I'm hitting a bit of a wall. We've been doing a unit on unhealthy social relationships, and it's floundering. To address it I have an activity in mind that's kind of a simplified role playing game. Essentially we're doling out cards with different kinds of vices that could come up in a social setting, representing the kinds of social problems we're trying to teach them to identify. We're asking they rp out those vices and try to guess one anothers'. These kids haven't role played before though, and I have a feeling if I just say, 'Make up a random teenage to pretend to be, go.' they're just going to stare at me blankly. Any ideas how to get around this?

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    There is a party game that does sort of the opposite. Everyone has a label stuck to their forehead that they can't see and others are supposed to treat them as if they are that, so the person can guess what it says. It's apparently kind of fun, but I think it would take some rejiggering to get it to teach the lesson you're aiming for, and I'm not quite sure how. Plus being treated badly as an exercise is probably not an aim.