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    It was weird. Everyone was whispering about some weird game at school, but every time I approached someone and asked what game everyone was talking about, they got even quieter. Sometimes they'd make a quick excuse about having to leave, other times they'd just walk away without talking to me. Talk about rude! Anyway, one of these people just walked away saying 'I gotta go be somewhere...' and left in a real rush. Weird thing was, they left their laptop behind. While it was open. And running. They peeled right out of there, and I didn't even catch their name. So, probably not the best idea ever, but I opened their web browser and tried to find their name by going to their email. Sure enough, their name was right there. And they had a new email just saying 'The Game' with this link

    So I open it up. I'm not really the best with games, but was this really what they were talking about? I'm trying really hard to make it past the first level. No luck so far (I'm a crap typer you see).

    Mostly a note to come check it out in the morning. Going to go take a nap.