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Would Someone Help a Poor Luddite and Explain Backerkit?

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  • Would Someone Help a Poor Luddite and Explain Backerkit?

    Oooh, look at that lovely capitalisation! :P

    Anyway. Pretty much what the title says. For context, I dithered about pledging to the Dragonblooded: What Fire Has Wrought deluxe kickstarter. With rent and bills and some personal stuff at the time, I ended up not being able to afford it. And now I really, really want the book because the idea of having all the deluxe splatbooks and corebooks on my shelf is making me squee happily and not having done it makes me sad. However, I have run across this newfangled backerkit thing and it seems to imply that I can, in fact, still preorder the deluxe core (see here for details of what I'm rambling on about: https://what-fire-has-wrought.backer...eorders/131529 )

    Am I right? Is this genuinely a thing I can do? Or is this me misreading a website?

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    Recent Onyx Path Kickstarters have indeed used Backerkit to open up preorders and pledge rewards past the end of the Kickstarter campaign itself. You can pledge money through Backerkit and receive the same rewards (preview documents, PDFs, deluxe hardcopies) as I believe you would have pledging through Kickstarter.


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      Backerkit is a third party company that helps crowdfunding campaigns with fulfillment. Basically, they offer a bunch of services to make it easier to organize the process of going from successful campaign to successfully getting people their stuff.

      One of those services is the ability to open a store until products go out, where backers can add extras (this makes things much easier if people mess up the numbers on their initial pledge), or people that missed the Kickstarter can pre-order things.

      So yes, it's absolutely a legit service Backerkit offers, and Onyx Path uses. If you're worried about the right link, you can go to the WFHW Kickstarter page and use the link there to make sure you're using the one Onyx Path generated. Though it looks like you have the correct one.