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Can why talk About Marxism ,capitalism Andy that type of stuff

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  • Can why talk About Marxism ,capitalism Andy that type of stuff

    Like why people blame communism for kmer Rouge and Gulugs but don’t blame Capitalism for the Alantic slave trade ,Native American genocide and King Lepolds ‘Congo Free State’.

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    As Social Democrat in my own homeland ( Poland ) I'm called 'Communist' for supporting our local party Razem ( eng. 'Together' ) that basis their plans on Scandinavian model. ( Even by my own father, to may I add. ) It's surely comes that we are post-Soviet country and general population is very hard Right Wing bend, both on de facto rules of Catholic Church and on Free Market business. Even when I'm rather modest Leftist - protesting for minorities and women's rights, separation of the State from the Church, supporting 'Fair Trade' in capitalism - I'm enemy for most of my compatriots. ( I do not even imagine how true Anti-capitalists are treated in our society. )

    What I learned in my life and on this forum - each Left-Right separation model is different for each society - and from that - social classes can have different meanings. Still, in the end, all societies will create, in the end, high, middle and low class. Key is to help those on lower end. In that part, I agree with Marx. But not the whole social revolution - I think that peaceful protests on each subject are much better, even if longer taking, way.

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