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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Holy Moley, Greendale must be in Maine because this reboot is channeling Stephen King as hard as it possibly can.

    Satanists, Human Sacrifice, Monsters and more.

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    It seems based pretty heavily off the comic, which was wildly dark, they've said it was the main inspiration. Lots of Satanism and dark magic. Very good series it looks like they're doing it justice, but for further seasons who could say.


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      Loyalty to the comic story is all fine and good, but Does Salem talk?

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        He does in the comic, being a familiar.

        But! The last I heard about the show, Salem doesn't have as big of a role, apparently the actress who plays Sabrina is allergic to cats.

        Checked an article it doesn't look like he talks.
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          I'm really looking forawrd to this, the trailer looked promising. Seems perfect for Halloween

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            Salem preview video

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              Huh. Looks like the comic was pretty successful, if it got adapted.

              Don't know how accurate the show will be to the comic, given what I've seen here. But I'll keep my eyes on this nonetheless.