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  • A Confession

    So once while I was a member of a LARP I put some labels in front of the pots of sweetened and unsweeted tea. One label read "Puppy" and the other label read "Kitten (from concentrate)."

    Do you have anything you need to confess?
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    Who drinks tea that has been sweetened in advance?

    Many years ago my dad and I made a cake for his birthday which contained bits of roasted earthworms. We told the guests, but as they didn't believe us, they happily ate it. It wasn't all bad, by the way.



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      When I was in school, I ran a crossover game set in a 'futuristic fantasy' version of the WoD setting. My group loved it, and praised my creativity.

      I never had the heart to tell them it was just a paper-thin reskin of the setting for Final Fantasy 8.

      “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
      - Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute The Sun