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  • Episode 30 of the Podcast

    Hello guys, recently I started listening to the onyx path podcast, mostly because of my addiction to the gentleman gamer, and I must say it is lovely to hear all about what is going on in the industry and what the people who write the books think.

    Though, when I got to episode 30 it gave me really bad vibes. The whole idea of role-playing games is that we can express ourselves and run away to another world, to go out of our current lives, personalities, maybe even genders and are someone else for couple hours. But from the apologetic way the casters talked as if they have committed crimes against humanity by playing a person different from themselves or not wanting to do it, made me feel bad. So I should never play a straight man? because I can never really know how it feels and I might interpret it differently? and I can't play someone with a different skin color than me? because of what? I only know how it is to be a person of color, so my characters also will be like me? so I will not offend a white person or a black person at the table?

    It's not fair to think like this. It robs the whole idea of these games from their purpose, what better platform do we have to actually understand each other? be in someone else's shoes? as long as we are not hurting our friends at the table we should be able to express ourselves, I have friends that role-playing helped them overcome real-life issues and deal with hardships. We should never limit ourselves when it comes to art. Many of my friends play different races and genders over the years, and we had a great time, it was never an issue, and it should never be an issue. You should never be gender locked or racially locked to what you are in real life it is absurd, your character is your own creation, it is unique and special and it is yours.

    To think that I can't play a white person, why? because our skin color is different? how does it have to do with anything?

    And if there is a toxic player at the table, race or gender won't be the issue that will prevent him from being toxic, they will find a way to hurt others and vent their frustrations.

    Anyway... I had to put it here. I think that this is a very divisive and dangerous approach, especially for new players who look up to the pillar of our community, even though I am sure that the cast of the podcast never meant it to be interpreted like this. But it should never be wrong to want to play someone different than yourself, again, as long as you are respectful to the people at the table with you.

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    I totally agree that you should be able to play whoever you want, as long as it's not a toxic stereotype of some sort. I think we on the Pathcast (though I can really only speak for myself), as white people who are trying to be socially aware, now realize that some portrayals/characters we've done in the past were maybe slightly problematic, and we don't want to repeat mistakes, obviously, which is where the apologetic nature of some of our remarks came from.

    I certainly don't think the message we meant to send in this episode was that "You can't play someone who isn't like you." Of course you can, that's what RPing is all about! It's just that it should be done respectfully, which was our intended goal out of that conversation. I'm sorry it wasn't clear enough in this episode, perhaps we should have prepped a little better so our positions would be better defined, or maybe we can talk about it again in the future.

    That said, one of our writers, James Mendez Hodes, wrote a fantastic article on the do's and don'ts or portraying someone of a different race from your own that I agree with entirely, if you'd like to get a better-thought-out version of my personal stance:

    Thank you for engaging and letting us know how we can do better in the future!

    In-House Developer for Chronicles of Darkness and Exalted