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Flora and Juno's Bisexuality in myth: The Birth of Mars

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  • Flora and Juno's Bisexuality in myth: The Birth of Mars

    In the past it always made out by people that Flora was the midwife or simply enabler of Juno, giving her the tools so she could give birth to Mars.

    But having read an English translation of the Myth, it's sounds more like lesbianism, with Flora in the sense the Father of Mars. Flora plucks the "flower" from her "garden" and touches Juno with it, making Juno pregnate. Juno doesn't just use the flower herself, Flora is the one wielding it to impregnate Juno.

    Does anyone else see what I see in this myth, the Flower being Flora own "Magic Flower" that she touches Juno with, impregnating her, while they are in a Flora's Garden.

    Another, although this has nothing to do with Lesbianism/Bisexuality Flora is mostly looked upon as a Goddess of life, passion, and living, but her home is the Blessed Isle in Mythology, where she came from. The Blessed Isles are in the Underworld, making her a Goddess of not just life, but one born of death. Again no one seems to notice and find this strange and compelling.