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Where has the quality gone!?!?!

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  • Where has the quality gone!?!?!

    Yeah this is kinda rant, only because I just my copy of the Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, and it came Jacked up out of the box. see here ----> I mean come on, you pay 100+ USD and you get that when you open the box?!?!? I love the PDF's makes gaming with a large group easier if we all have a copy on our phones these days but nothing beats a book in hand when studying for a new character or choosing a path to spend experience. I don't always make crazy purchases like that either so when this happens it kinda feels like a kick in the shorts. Still love Onyx Path and all that they are doing just sad that it seems the quality of a product has gone away.

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    Sometimes books have printing or manufacturing errors. This has happened since the first book ever rolled off the press, it's not a new thing. You were just unlucky this time and got the messed up one. Since it looks like a PoD book, all you need to do is contact DTRPG with the pic and they should send you a new one.


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      Something similar happened to me with my Beast Player's Guide. I tried to be very careful with handling it, and yet the pages weren't fastened to the spine properly. So about half the book is almost ripped out from the other half. Been reluctant to read it, since. Afraid of causing further damage.