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    Hi. I've been for a few days in a rather happy reading spree of Mage: The Awakening and Mage: The Ascension. I don't have a clear preference though, and both so far seem a daunting to GM (I will get to it, at some point, I hope.). So I was wondering which other games about mages and magic do you know/like/play/would recommend, specially if they're different to the gnosticism and the consensual reality from these two, for the sake of variety.

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    Well there are quite a few I imagine, but here are some that popped into mind:
    Ars Magica, the precursor of Mage the Ascension centered on the Order of Hermes.

    CJ Carellas Witchcraft (currently available free from DriveThruRPG) which in it’s core has focus on Pagan witches, rosicrucian Mages, magical cats, psychics, necromancers and the blessed.

    Changeling the Dreaming 20th anniversary edition which is certainly about magic but not so much of Mages.

    Those 3 are some that are quite centered on the theme of Magic though there are, as you are likely aware, plenty of games with magic in them, like almost every Fantasy game out there, but in most of those magic is not on the center stage.


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      Unknown Armies is the game I wish Mage was. Doing magic requires a lot of obsession and arguably a lot of personal damage, presenting their ‘mages’ as fundamentally broken people doing fascinating stuff.

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