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    Idk if this is the right category for this or not. But basically my question is bout the build of the books. I have bought and received almost a dozen books. Of all these books they had glued spines, printer paper type pages. But recently I found and bought a Changeling The Lost Second Edition book that has glossy pages, stitched spine and sturdy well constructed covers.....which is way Superior to the Premium Books I have bought POD. The Changeling The Lost book I bought is of the same quality as the old school First Edition COD and WW WOD books. How does one acquire a Second Edition version of COD books of that quality?

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    Silvered paper used to give the front and back covers a reflective sheen, says "printed in Canada" on the back? You probably bought a prestige edition copy, which are produced for books launched with Kickstarter campaigns. The Kickstarter campaigns offer pledges for retailers to buy in numbers for resale, and I believe? that surplus copies are produced which end up sold through Indie Press Revolution.

    Not every CofD book or even every Second Edition corebook receives a prestige run, and I don't think they ever restock, so availability is limited, but I think IPR is your best bet if you're looking for any prestige books from Kickstarters you missed out on that might still be in stock. Here's the section of their store with Onyx Path books.

    It's worth noting that one of the Kickstarter campaigns to produce a prestige edition CofD book is going on right now, for the new gameline Deviant: The Renegades. If you don't know whether you'd be interested, you can put in a $5 pledge to qualify to receive previews of the written text chapters, which by the end of the campaign will get around to covering the full text of the book, and if you decide not to commit you can still withdraw your pledge before the end of the campaign.


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      Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition’s Kickstarter was run in order to fund a traditional press run and then to get the books into retail stores. Any CofD books since then will follow that same pattern of KSing in order to get traditionally printed books into retail stores via our sales partners at Studio2 and Indie Press Revolution (IPR). This is in addition to the PDFs and PoD physical books that we have available on DTRPG. So, that’s probably the book described.

      As each CofD book - or any of our books, actually - is released we talk about where you can get them on the weekly Monday Meeting Notes and the Wednesday On Sale Today blogs, and all over our social media. You can get these blogs sent to you directly by joining the Onyx Path Mailing List on the right side of our webpage. Thanks!