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World of Darkness on a Gaming Platform?

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  • World of Darkness on a Gaming Platform?

    Hello everyone,

    I have developed a Classic World of Darkness game mode that is based on the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game (we all played GTA at one point, hence my choice of the platform; a platform that's familiar to the majority), and I have some questions to the community if you guys have time to answer.

    What do you guys think about such idea, does it strike your curiosity to play WoD on such platform?

    My other question is that, do you think a different storyline (Chronicles of Darkness, Exalted, etc..) would be more suitable for such a game?

    If you would like to check us out feel free to visit or check our up to date discord channel: to see how it is portrayed in the game. Let us know you're from this forum to be given the appropriate roles.

    I accept any kind of feedback, preferably constructive. Thanks!

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    Honestly just a bad game. You can't see anything in the Silver Mines, the mandatory first quest, and the graphics are really bad. The controls make no sense and are awkward. Wouldn't recommend.
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