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  • What is PEACH?

    I see this term in topics names from time to time - and I suspect they are not about the fruit?

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    LGBT+ in CoD games

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    Please Evaluate and Criticize Honestly

    Basically you put that as a tag for homebrew or other material that you're looking to get some kind of a response to.


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      I generally perceive the intent to also be asking for an in-depth discussion of the presented material. Not just, "hey is there some obvious error here, or glaring flaw, or ambiguous phrasing," in terms of feedback, but asking for people to really sit down and consider knock on effects and get as much into it as they can without playtesting it or some such.

      IME, you see it more when discussing more complex games like D&D/clones and Exalted, where it's really easy to write-up something that looks cool, but might turn game breaking if combined with this thing from one book, and this other thing from another book, because there's so many pieces of the system around.