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A Coder Please.

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  • Laura
    started a topic A Coder Please.

    A Coder Please.

    Hi guys I am starting a role playing site here at and I am in need of a coder who can create a few character sheets for me.. I can easily create them however.. I need a database with folks who can register and the likes, but, i was thinking of having this work with the Xenforo forum I have purchased it has many use and a admin side for other stuff...I may not be able to pay much but i have started a Patron that will help pay for the site itself as I have service fees for it every year. If you're interested in, in helping me with this project please let me know.. thanks. Oh another thing, my game will have Wta, Vtm, mortals/ghouls for now. We also use Discord as well.

  • Liquid_speaker
    i may be able to find one for you, is java script acceptable?

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