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  • OGL Equivelant?

    Is there an OGL equivalent for and exalted like system?

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    If you're asking from a creator standpoint looking to create and share or sell content:

    Exalted supplements can be sold through the Storyteller's Vault according to the SV content guidelines, including new Shards or historical/alternate setting eras; I believe similar content creator programs are available for the Storypath System games? which is another Storyteller-derived system designed for scaling pulp and action games. However, I believe these creator programs are intended for use with the respective games, rather than launching new games which merely share a mechanical backbone.

    If you're asking from a player standpoint looking for a similar experience with a free release:

    Godbound is a game of powerful heroes wielding shards of divine dominions in a fantasy world fallen from a golden age, modified from an OSR core.
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      Thanks dude, I'll look into that.


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        Storypath Nexus is the community content page for Storypath games (Trinity 2e, Scion 2e, etc.).

        As noted community content programs aren't a full OGL, as they're meant to allow you to create supplements for those games and sell them, rather than use the resources to make your own games.

        The Storytelling/Storyteller systems are owned by White Wolf. Storypath is owned by Onyx Path. Neither company has expressed any interest in using some sort of OGL-like copyright to let other people publish books with their systems.