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Dr Nerdlove guilty of sexual harassment, assault

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  • Dr Nerdlove guilty of sexual harassment, assault

    Harris O'Malley, or Dr Nerdlove, has been outed as guilty of sexual harassment and assault.
    He issued a statement about it shortly before taking a week off for July 4th.
    And the first column the week after is by a woman apologist who writes about forgiveness but never directly comments of O'Malley or his issues.
    So, a supposed feminist and ally of women actually has a history of sexual harassment and sexual assault. This should surprise no one.
    And a woman steps forward to tacitly defend him. This is disappointing, even if it is also not surprising. Because there is always someone willing to defend most anyone and anything on the internet, no matter how vile the subject.
    O'Malley is a fraud, but then so are almost all advice columns. He is also, apparently, a sexual predator, as are too many men who call themselves feminists. O'Malley has enough strategic sense to try and time these things about, but the rest of us should see through that can call him on his bullshit. This is a case calling for cancel culture. That should not simply be saved for the proverbial big fish, but for the smaller offenders as well.
    O'Malley should not get a pass just because of his supposed better qualities.

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    This is sadly not the forum for discussing these sort of things.

    I know you feel passionately about this but the discussion of this should be in the manner of news versus a charge.

    Even if they are guilty.

    MK - What I hate is a place where you can do this if you want.

    So I'm shutting this down.

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