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Inn Between Worlds (Shameless self promotion, and reviews sought)

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  • Inn Between Worlds (Shameless self promotion, and reviews sought)

    I am promoting myself here because I have no sense of shame, and because I want some reviews.

    It has a;
    5E version.
    SWAG Version
    FATE Version

    The book is described as;
    The Inn between Worlds is an RPG supplement which explores the idea of inns (hotels) and taverns (bars). It provides a modern hotel, and a fantasy tavern-inn compound. It can be used in a modern game, or a fantasy game. Both versions of the place stand on damage to space and time. Basically, both serve as a small version of the Bermuda Triangle with its own front desk and room service.
    The Inn between Worlds also provides:
    • Seven new powers,
    • Five new monsters,
    • 12 NPCs,
    • And tables for encounters and plot hooks.
    Inn between Worlds also has a new subsystem, which helps a gaming group design their own version of the hotel or inn-and-tavern. So, the GM can use the predesigned version that comes with the book, or the group can design their own special take on the place.The Inn between Worlds provides a unique set of tools for an awesome inn-tavern combo that you can use in a classic fantasy game, or a modern game.
    It is a place that touches many worlds, some beautiful, some mad, some terrifying. And all those worlds are calling out for adventurers.
    You do not just use the Inn between Worlds as an occasional base between adventures.
    It is a home to adventures.

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    The book has a good, and fair, review over on ENWorld.