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  • Submitting to OPP - Questions

    Hello All-

    I am interested in writing official material, rather than just fan stuff. This is not a career move, just something which interests me as a long time fan. But I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is submitting a writing sample to OPP still the most practical method of (potentially) getting future work?
    2. Does anyone who has done this successfully have any tips or suggestions?

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    Yes, the most reliable way to get a writing job is to use our submission guidelines.

    If you've written fan material via one of the community content sites, please mention that in your submission.

    Ian A. A. Watson
    Onyx Path Community Manager
    Trinity Continuum Content Lead


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      Stick to the word counts and the guidelines. Your writing submission isn't just to see if you can write well, it is also to see if you can follow an outline. Make sure you include the disclosure form, otherwise it legally can't be looked at. Do edit, proof-read, and craft your sample, but don't overthink it. Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, I have improved far more "on the job" than I was able to on my own. When you do your editing pass, double check if you actually need to use "that" in your sentence.

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