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  • Academic Level Work on RPGs

    In October I was lucky enough to get an academic article published where in I argued that TT RPGs should be considered their own art form.

    Are you aware of any academic level work that considers RPGs?

    I write because I am exploring a follow up article, and wanted to see what existing research has been done. There is some material on RPGs, but what exists is largely about computer games and even board games. The differences between those and TT RPGs means it is iffy if that research can be applied to TT RPGs.

    So, if you will, please point me in the direction of some academic level work on TT RPG.

    Thank you.

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    I did a very similar paper in high school. Vampire: the Masquerade as post-postmodernist art. I got an A- on it, but I wrote it after I got accepted to college so it really didn’t matter that much. I don’t remember the details, but I basically said that from a deconstructionist perspective everything, even pop culture stuff, is art and if Ariana Grande is art so is the World of Darkness. I also pointed out that the vampire myth is essentially a feminine archetype. Oh, and I said that RPGs are collaborative art (the ST and the players work together to create each chronicle). Unfortunately I really didn’t do much research (like I said I wrote it after I got accepted to college), but that is so cool that your article got published.


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      Role-Playing Game Studies. A Transmedia Approach, edited by José P. Zagal and Sebastian Deterding, Routledge, 2018.

      Not just TTRPGs, but they're in there.
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