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6 setting being worked on by WotC for D&D

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  • 6 setting being worked on by WotC for D&D

    1 is an announced MtG setting, Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos releasing this November.

    2 are the Classic settings previously mentioned, coming in 2022. We still don't know what ones these are.

    The last three could still get the axe if something goes wrong, none are MtG settings, but 1 is a return visit to a setting already done (process of elimination says its the Forgotten Realms), 2 are new settings, one of which I believe is connected to the Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventure, in a new part of the Feywild called the Domains of Delight, kind of a seperate mirror setting to Ravenloft: Domains of Dread.

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    I still have to get Domains of Dread, I'm still adapting things directly from my old Ravenloft books from previous editions (I have almost all of them since ever).

    She/her pronouns


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      So, three announced (Strixhaven, Ravenloft, Witchlight), one guessable (Forgotten Realms), and two remain unknown?