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    Heya, I’m hoping someone can help me figure out how to better navigate this forum.

    I like to be able to read through the backlogs but I’ve noticed that outside of the 20 page range, ascending and descending, I can’t see posts in the forum logs.

    For example in the VtM forum I can’t see any of the threads originating from 7/7/2016 to 8/13/2018 and if possible I’d like to, some if anyone has advice (and if this thread should have been started somewhere else) please let me know!

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    The easiest way is to use the advanced search function. You can specify a date range (though it will be by post, not topic, so a thread started before 7/7/2016 will show up if it was active into that time), and a subforum. I prefer Topic View for this sort of thing as it will just give you threads that way.

    I'm not sure if this will work as a link, but I ran this search:


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      Awesome, thank you!!!