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Environmental Arguments in favor of Conquest by Aliens

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  • Environmental Arguments in favor of Conquest by Aliens

    So, I am thinking about a kind of guru-messenger character who is or believes they are in contact with aliens. I will call the character "The Advocate". They are probably going to be a Mage, male Etherite or female New World Order - Ivory Tower. They suffer from a fair bit of Quiet, a kind of madness that afflicts Mages. The plot that would follow is applicable to a lot of game-lines, so doesn't need any knowledge of Mage, specifically. The aliens, real or imagined, want to settle on Earth, because they have been travelling for a long time. They are in the solar neighborhood. The guru holds the opinion that the world is ruled by climate-criminals who are going to prevent the rest of humanity from taking the steps necessary to save ourselves and our planet from a climate apocalypse (I hold a similar but more nuanced view.).

    The message goes something like this:

    "Ecocide is the willful destruction of the Earth's ecosystem, a form of mass-suicide. The super-rich have made the decision to commit ecocide on behalf of approximately eight billion other people who have no say in the mater.

    It would be better for the survivability of the human race if we were conquered by aliens than to continue being ruled by an elite human class who, for short term profit and self-interest, inhibit us from taking the steps necessary to prevent our own extinction. This is true, not knowing anything about how we would be governed by the aliens. Even an alien military dictatorship is preferable to extinction, because it would probably have a finite duration.

    We have it in our ability to make our wishes known, using mass-communication that can be read or watched from space. Under the condition that conquering aliens contract to maintain the Earth so that humans can survive on it, we volunteer to assist in the transition of power from an ecocidal elite and their puppet-politicians to the new alien government. Indicate your readiness to assist by attaching your comment or video response."

    I am looking for ideas about further arguments in support of this message or to disprove it.

    In your favorite game line, what kind of Supernaturals would ally with or organize against The Advocate?

    Aliens in Mage and Changeling:
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