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Missing Someone who is Alive

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  • Missing Someone who is Alive

    This post is for talking about missing someone who you are unlikely to ever see again, but who is still alive. Obviously, don't identify them by name or other detail - or yourself, because the internet can be nasty.

    I'll start:

    I was unable to make use of the transformative effect that she had on me. It ended when the opportunity to make a difference in her life closed. After her departure, in Winter, I carved a path in the snow around my building, about 150 feet connecting both entrances, to retain access to the last place we had met. In -15 degrees Celsius, I sat in the same chair I had sat when we last spoke, the chair she sat in arranged as it had been. I only did his a few times. Keeping the path clear made me feel better, even when I did not make use of the spot.

    She was incredibly resilient. I miss Myself. I miss what burned its way out to the surface from deep inside, in response to her admitting she did not have anyone besides me who she could trust. I thought myself capable of nearly anything.

    I do not care about what is happening around me. I attend to absolute necessities, but do little to change anything in my life. I Object. I object to any demand that I should carry on as a quarter of the person I could be, without that energy, that freedom. Snowfall is coming soon. At least, people will enjoy having the path again.

    Thank you for passing time with me in conversation. My Hacks.

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    Playin pirates in the schoolyard
    Soldiers in the field…

    (Except change the lyrics to reflect two girls in their late teens)

    I miss her. My friend. My angel. My baby girl. Crying. But at least she’s still alive (which I didn’t know for sure the last time I posted about this on my old account). And maybe someday she’ll be able to talk to me again.


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      HorizonParty2021 I feel for you. Blessed be.