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  • So, this anime season is winding down. I watched several shows and there were 3 that I ended up enjoying quite a bit.

    The first was the second season of Konosuba. Unfortunately it was made by a different studio than season one and had a new director. The source material was good enough that it managed to hold the show together, but the 2nd season was strictly worse than the 1st in pretty much every way. Still entertaining, but nowhere near as good.

    The second show I enjoyed a lot was Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. One day the main character, Kobyashi wakes up, and finds out that the night before while out drinking, she had encountered a dragon and invited it to come live with her. The dragon, Tohru, had been near death and Kobayashi saved her, and so the dragon fell in love with her. The show is a mix of romance, comfyness and comedy.

    The big three plot threads through the show are that Kobayashi has spent most of her life focused on her job. She only has one friend, doesn't have any real hobbies and doesn't really do awhole lot besides work. So Tohru is often getting her to come out of her comfort zones and do things she's not used to. Meanwhile Tohru has spent most of her life (on another world) being hunted by (and hunting) humans. While she idolizes Kobayashi, she still generally dislikes other humans, so a fair amount of the show is her dealing with that issue. The last big plot revolves around another dragon who moves in with them named Kanna. Kanna is is a young dragon (only a few centuries old) and she's more interested in getting along with humans. She eventually ends up attending school and she and the friends she makes there form the last big pillar the show is based around.

    Overall I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It had very nice animation, it never got overly series, and it was rather refreshing to have a show that follows an adult, female character (that's pretty uncommon in anime).

    The last show (and the one I ended up enjoying the most) came out of nowhere. I only started watching it three weeks ago because I heard people saying good things about. It's called Kemono Friends. I was avoiding it because the show is CG and honestly it's bad CG. Really bad. And it's based on one of those phone games. Only the phone game was shut down several months before the show came out. I guess they decided to finish the show and release it because they had already put so much work into it.

    So when I saw people talking about how good it was, and people saying that the show was insanely popular in Japan and had led to a huge burst in people going to zoos I figured I'd go ahead and watch it just to see why it was so popular.

    The show takes place in Japari Park, an abandoned animal theme park. At some point monsters appeared and began attacking people. Humans abandoned the park, but at the same time some of the animals will occasionally turn into animal-people who call themselves Friends.

    The story follows a girl who suddenly wakes up in the park. She has no memories and no idea who or what she is. She meets an animal-girl named Serval who helps her try to figure out what kind of an animal she is. The girl, Kaban, can't run fast or climb trees or do anything else, so the two of them set off to find the library. Of course, the main character is a human, and in Japari Park humans are considered almost mythic beings who haven't been seen before.

    The show is generally episodic and follows the same basic premise. Kaban and Serval travel to a new part of the park, meet new Friends and help them solve their problems. Meanwhile the episode is punctuated by short clips from animal experts talking about the animals who show up in that episode. Each of the individual Friend's problems however are so different, and the areas are so different, that even though they share the same premise each episode feels very different from one another.

    The surprising thing about the show was how subtly dark everything was. They're in an abandoned amusement park filled with monsters that are trying to eat them, and everything is slowly collapsing and falling apart. As Kaban and Serval travel through the part, they slowly begin to figure out what happened to other people, and sometimes receive old video or audio files from one of the park workers. So while the show is primarily about Kaban's journey of self-discovery to find out who and what she is, it's also about what Japari Park is and what happened to it, plus of course they meet other Friends and help them, created a nice layered narrative framework for the show.

    Really, once I ended up getting past the bad CG, I ended up enjoying this series a heck of a lot more than I ever imagined I would.


    • acca 13-ku kansatsu-ka ended. I don't know how much sandwich bread is going to fill that void but I'll be damned if I don't try and find out.


      • So, as I'm sure people know, the first new episode of Attack on Titan in four years came out yesterday.

        ​To commemorate the occasion, I finally put together a comedic little video that I've had in mind for several years, and intermittently working on for a few months.

        ​Why not give it a look, eh?
        (minor spoiler warning for the end of the first season; it's about four seconds)

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        • I'm trying to track down an anime I saw a few years ago. It was a sports anime featuring a high school pitcher who had as childhood friends four sisters, one of whom had died. Anyone remember it?


          • Looks like this one, Cross Game.


            • Thank you!