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[Shameless plug]Kickstarter for Chill is live

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  • [Shameless plug]Kickstarter for Chill is live

    What, you think I just write OPP games?

    Our Kickstarter for Chill 3rd Edition just launched here. I'm happy to answer questions or convince you to back however I can, including giving random Beast spoilers.

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    Growling Doors has never disappointed me before. Backed.

    Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.-Keiichi Sigsawa, Kino's Journey
    Feminine pronouns, please.


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      Still have the Swedish translation of the first edition in my RPG collection. While mechanics like how the Chill tookens is described tend to make an rpg feel far too much of a game for me, Chill was probably the first game I started to ignore rules as written and started modify them So, I have already backed it. Looking forward to see how this version will turn out.


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        What we've found in play is that the Chill tokens provide a way for players to hedge their bets, much in the same way Willpower does in the WoD systems. And, of course, there's the nice tension build when the CM adds a chip.


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          There is two genres I'm definitely not good at GMing; one is comedy and the other is horror. But there are a few times I have managed to pull off a horror game. One major part of those times, beside letting the players imagination work against themselves, has been to make sure they feel control is just out of their grasp. Being able to hedge their bets tend to work against that (I generally uses that kind of system when I want action). Building tension by adding chips have never fitted my preference, but I might be pleasantly surprised (I prefer to use their failed rolls to build tension by giving them a new chance to succeed, but having them hearing some noise slowly getting closer, and closer, and closer...).

          But I know people who loves that kind of system. There is no system that will fit everyone, and I can always mod it with house-rules so it will fit me