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  • Hawking is dead.


    • I hate when people bring up how many years they've been playing role-playing games during a discussion about some aspect of gaming - whether it is how a ruling should be made, or how to deal with a problem player - that really doesn't have anything to do with how many years they've been playing.

      First, it is infuriating to me because doing dumb shit for a long period of time doesn't make it not dumb shit - so it doesn't matter if you've been running games for 30 years, you can still be making shitty rulings or mishandling problem players or making other mistakes.

      And secondly, it bothers me because saying "I've been running games for 30 years" doesn't actually tell me whether you've got more experience than me, or less. Because, as an example, there is a difference between 30 years playing RPGs an average of twice a week for 8 hours each time (just under 25,000 hours of experience) and 23 years playing RPGs an average of four times a week for 6 hours each time (almost 4,000 hours more experience).

      Plus there is the whole dick-measuring contest aspect of it that the person is considering not the actual quality or content of an argument itself, but the arbitrary and ill-defined metric that isn't directly related to the argument - all made more ridiculous because of the implication a person tossing their RPG experiencing into the discussion as if it supported their argument in any way has made that, to give it an actual dick-measuring analog, would be "Mine is bigger than yours because I've had it longer."

      Maybe the next time some dipshit thinks telling me how long they've played RPGs proves that I'm wrong about whatever we're discussing, I'll mention that I've been playing guitar for like 25 years now and ask them if that gives them any indication at all how well I play.

      Not so noble anymore.


      • IPhones interacting with water in any way, shape, or form.

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        • Spinal compression. Kill it with fire. Or painkillers. Either one works.

          What's with the penguin?


          • Not exactly a "hate thing" but an update on a previous entry that got some kind people worried (you know who you are and thanks again for reaching out).

            So, in the previous episodes of Cinder's life, I mentioned that I had hidden some rather major mistakes from my family and that, with time, keeping those secrets created tons of pressure, stress and issues for me. You know, mixture of guilt, self-loathing and disappointment (and terror of disappointing)

            Well, as I wrote, things essentially led me into a position where the alternatives to saying the truth were not pretty, thus I did my best to gather the guts to come out and be honest with people. Turns out they understood and proved to care about me enough to help me come to terms with the situation and provided support.

            It does not improve the reality nor excuses me from screwing up, but being able to face the problems with my family and not having to keep lying really lifted a weight from my mind
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