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  • Moving.
    Hurting yourself while moving.
    Having to work the day after moving.
    Having to work the day after hurting yourself while moving.


    • Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      there's a certain group of people who gained more and more power this days,i don't have a name for them but they can be identified by
      Dehumanizing,vilifying and even advocating violence against people who disagree with their views
      Hating people for things they haven't done
      Not engaging in any meaningful discussion or debate,instead they think they are right always,
      It’s ok, you don’t have to say it. We all know who you’re talking about.

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      Seriously i'm talking people who don't even consider the possiblitly they might got something wrong
      Yeah, seriously. It’s like just because they aren’t actively hateful, they can’t even conceive of the possibility that they might have unconscious biases.

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      thinking people should be convicted of serious crimes without evidence
      Yeah, police oppression against minorities has gotten incredibly out of hand, hasn’t it?

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      thinking death threats and doxxing are okay in any
      You said it. Absolutely unacceptable behavior, especially over such nonsense as “ruining media with forced agendas.”

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      calling people prejudiced without any proof of past prejudices
      It is indeed pretty ballsy of them to claim discrimination for being a part of groups that there’s no evidence of systemic oppression against, and in fact benefit from the systems of discrimination.

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      demading special privileges without wanting to pay for them
      They’ve already got them, that’s the worst part. Benefiting from systems that are stacked in their favor by design, and demanding that those systems continue to favor them without any cost. Except, you know, to the people harmed by the systems. Ridiculous.

      Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
      i deal with those imbeciles all the time,and i'm close as fuck to punch one
      I understand the feeling, though of course, the discourse around direct antifascist action right now is so volatile, you’d likely get called “just as bad” for suggesting it. SMH.

      Going by Willow now, or Wil for short. She/Her/Hers.


      • Actually I wasn't really talking about fascists,though everything you said above is right. I was actually just unloading on some people who hate some of my favorite pieces of media and creators. Like this one fellow who used to tear strips out of Jim Butcher like you wouldn't believe,calling him all kinds of things. I actually went searching for Butcher's old interviews,he never said anything prejudiced or hateful.
        And dont even get me started on Supernatural haters. They hate everything about the show and got so popular I cant even check my favorite actors and screenwriters news without someone saying something truly despicable about them.
        But yes,Fascism is pretty much the bigger problem now,the other guys just tend to show up in my social media so often they get the lion's share of my wtf feelings.
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        • I'm fed up with people trying to use dictators historically restricting access to guns as a reason to not enact gun reforms.

          1) Personally, I get offended with how often they go to the Holocaust first, erasing all of the Jewish armed resistance fighters from history to make it sound like all the Jews just laid down and died once Hitler ordered guns restricted. Turns out that lots of armed Jewish civilians with machine guns vs. the German army didn't just magically stop the Holocaust from happening.

          2) This ignores the fact that dictators don't just restrict one set of rights to maintain their power. They strip all right that challenge their power. If a dictator was trying to take over the US, the 2nd amendment isn't going to save us if the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 14th, and, 22nd are all undermined to the point of not counting.

          3) Despite all the counter examples of countries enacting strict gun laws without falling into being fascist hellscapes because the government is no long "in check" because of people with guns, this argument never seems to demand actual examples of countries being "saved" by the general ownership of weapons by the populace. There's a reason why the 2nd Amendment talks about well regulated militias being necessary for the security of the state rather than general gun ownership, even if the courts have upheld that the law is broader than this in how it should be applied.


          • Getting a song stuck in your head, but it’s one you can’t sing at work… -_-


            • That hatemongers are teaching each other how to recruit and spread their creed without tripping alarms, and that whenever these methods are figured out they just develop more.


              • Pieces of shit who drive into a crowd of protestors.


                • It's a weird thing to have a gripe over, but "These houserules are just a variant I use at my table" threads.

                  Like, if you're going to invent homebrew or posit houserules for reasons and why and put it up on forums, I want it to be something that the author at least thinks would be useful for other people's tables and is willing to at least gamble value on. At a minimum, I feel like "just something I use at my table, not intended for anyone else's" is a waste of my time, at a maximum, it's so often a blatant attempt to shut down criticism.

                  No particular reason I thought of that, just popped into my head.

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                  • I am so mad about what is going on with the Amazon forest. Which is part of the huge amount of reasons to be mad right now and yet another sign of how fucked up things are, but that's how I feel at the moment.

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                    • We are living in a dangerous time that is desperately trying to tell itself that it is anything but. Recipe for disaster.
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                      “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” noun: empathy the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


                      • Trump just said that Jewish-American people who don’t vote Republican are “disloyal”.

                        It’s almost like he thinks “being Jewish” necessitates devotion to advancing the cause of Israel, and takes priority over “being American” in Americans of Jewish heritage.

                        And this guy got elected President. Arrrgh.


                        • Well, he already referred to Netanyahu as being "our Prime Minister" so... I'm not sure he actually understands the difference between "Jewish" and "Israeli" because of the epic stupidity that is the US far-right Jewish and Evangelical cooperation to push the US to blind support of Israel being the only voices he listens to on the subject.

                          If the only Jews you actually socialize are people willing to form politically alliances with Christians that want the State of Israel to exist, so it can get into an apocalyptic war with Muslims, so Jesus can save the day and convert to everybody Christianity (or they die!), you're probably going to say some very stupid things about the rest of the Jews in the world.

                          While I wish I could bring up the urge to hate Trump for the bigoted bile he spewed on this, my hatred is firmly on the Jews that think enabling this sort of shit to get unfettered support for the State of Israel is in any way, shape, or form a good thing. Trump's a moron mouthing talking points that probably thinks it's OK because his daughter and son-in-law aren't upset. People like Kushner and Adelson should know better.


                          • “So, please understand that the sound of tools scraping on my teeth, the sound of a tooth breaking as you work pieces of it out, et cetera., is very traumatic for me. Last time I was in here, I asked you to talk while you worked on my teeth, so I could focus on something besides that horrible sound. You didn’t do it, though, and it really got to me. That’s part of why I didn’t come to the follow up appointment. Please talk about something.”


                            “Anything. Talk about anything.”

                            “Okay. Last time you were in here, you had plans to watch Avengers: Endgame?”

                            Ant-Man and the Wasp.”

                            “Ah. I don’t watch much superhero stuff.”



                            *horrible tooth-crunchy sounds ensue*
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                            • I had my PbP's Discord server open to the public for less than an hour, and already I've had to ban someone.

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                              • Oh, look, the sex criminal in the White House is interested in rolling back protections for trans people, again.