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  • I didn't mind the speed and off-screen nature of the Changeling substitution. It had to be fast to work, as anything short of a blitz would have been detected and stopped by the Mane 6 et al before Starlight got involved. As for showing any of it, that would have had to be done via flashbacks so as not to spoil the reveal, and at that point it would have been moot.

    But Thorax and the New Changelings? Yeah, that bugged me, too. And for all the reasons you mentioned: too much, too fast; and frankly, too easy and too facile.


    • Ahhh, sweet Ponies, take me away from this election madness...without you, I'd be driven to drink!

      Some fans are upset that, just when we're learning more about Changelings, they up and change them completely, when they were fine the way they were. Of course, there are still more that haven't been changed, so the way is open for a Changeling Civil War, which should make for some great fanfic material...

      Speaking of, did it bother anyone else that they didn't deal with the whole threat? Discord was about to take our heroes to Fluttershy's/Ponyville, where *there are still Changelings masquerading as the Mane Six*, but they decided to go to the festival instead! Serves them right if they end their week of partying to find out that Chrysalis got her revenge back heading straight for Ponyville to raze the place with her still-loyal followers...For that matter, aren't there imposters of the Princesses still in power? At the very least, I would have also replaced the Wonderbolts...


      • “Aarrrhh!!! There be holes in that there plot!!!”


        • OK, how come nobody bothered to mention that there's a whole seventh season now, and a theatrical movie? Not to mention a trio of full-length Equestria Girls episodes (Dance Magic, Movie Magic, and Mirror Magic), along with several shorts. Have the bronies lost interest? Is there something wrong with the season? Or the movie? There's a lot to talk about here.
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          • Good question! Myself, I just got busy, man. I got a new job that took a lot of time to get used to, and I didn't want to spend my severely reduced free time watching little ponies anymore.

            However, I'm right now binge watching season 7, and so far, I'm certainly not seeing any drop in quality. In fact, compared to season 6, which I thought was of middling quality overall, it's been a marked improvement. I'm not sure what I expect from the EqG "episodes", since they do kind of break the form and style of that universe, but I'm excited to see them. And, of course, the pony movie.

            I'm on episode 10 now, and I'll be posting some form of assessment at the mid-season hiatus.

            Dex Davican wrote: I can say without exaggeration or dishonesty that I am the most creative man ever to have lived


            • Okay, I caught up to the mid-season hiatus. Lighting round! As always, spoilers!

              S7E1 - Celestial Advice: Cool. They needed to adress what would happen to Starlight, and it's always nice to see the continuity that lasts. The Starlight character arc is a sort of background storyline for both the previous and this season, and I think it comes into its own much better during this season.

              S7E2 - All Bottled Up: Aaaand more Starlight. It's cool I guess, seeing her with Trixie is fun as always. They have nice chemistry.

              S7E3 - A Flurry of Emotions: Is babby! Cute! I always liked baby ponies, and they're Flurry Heart much more character here than she got previously, and frankly, for example, much more than Pound and Pumpkin got. Twilight is B(est) A(unt) E(ver).

              S7E4 - Rock Solid Friendship: I mean, it's Maud. And more Starlight. Hey, I'm not complaining. If Starlight made Maud move (adjacent) to Ponyville, I absolutely take that.

              S7E5 - Fluttershy Leans In: Fluttershy was never my favourite pony. In fact, she consistently ranked lowest among the mane six, because... well, what is there to her? She's slightly less one-note than Rarity, but none of her notes are as interesting as the others'. For a good while, all her episodes were about her trying to overcome her shyness and stand up to those around her. And this episode, she freaking does that! All on her own, she fights for her vision of a (highly marketable) animal resort and resists all the influences that both professionals and friends have on the project. Fluttershy is expertly written here, taking care to account for her kindness while making her take very collected and considered stands for the things that matter to her. This really makes her kindness come off as her default position, but it has now been tempered by a conscious awareness of when to go against her instincts and fight for her stance. I LOVE this episode, and it might be my favourite among the first batch.

              S7E6 - Forever Filly: And the reason I said "might" up there is this one right here. It, too, displays development, and even if I think Fluttershy's is more narratively anchored, the simple fact of passing time is really enough justification to merit this episode. I don't think there's a big message or moments of character writing here, but it really does resonate with me. What? Yes, I did just turn 30 last month, why are you asking? Anyway, I hope that the CMC will get a growing-up treatment, perhaps even with shifting character models later down the line.

              S7E7 - Parental Glideance: Ehhh, this one was more miss than hit for me. Mkay, RD's parents and all, but nothing big. That said, it IS nice to see just where she gets her confidence from.

              S7E8 - Hard to Say Anything: Fun gags, did laugh. But it does say something that this was the one episode I had to check the synopsis for to remember what it was about.

              S7E9 - Honest Apple: This is probably my third favourite episode of the batch. The issue of the plot is one that is highly relevant in today's society, and I think it's subtly brilliant in its approach. We all know that Applejack isn't a bad person, so having her play the "bad filly" is very effective. We also get to see her being wrong, but not going back on her opinion, which is important. My one gripe is perhaps that in the final scenes, AJ admits that she thought she was being honest, but instead she was hurtful. I would have liked them to say that she was being honest AND hurtful, as there is no contradiction between that, but that's literally (speaking of, did you hate or live Lily Lace?) me picking on a single word. Also, how often do you see Rarity shred guitar?

              S7E10 - A Royal Problem: OOOOHHHH SHHHIIIIT it was decent. No, it was more than decent: we've been wanting an episode about the royal sisters for a while, and this was a good one. But Daybreaker... like, first of all, we must realise that Daybreaker isn't evil Celestia, or even the potential of evil Celestia. It is Starlight's nightmare image of the potential of evil Celestia. I'm not saying Celestia could never lose her shit, but we have no reason to believe that Daybreaker would be the form she would take. Furthermore, while not implausible, there's something kind of gauche about Celestia's evil form being just the inverse of Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon had a purpose and a vision; her decision to plunge Equestria into eternal night was in line with her desire. She was forgotten and alone, so she wanted to bring about night so that everyone could see its beauty and adore her. Daybreaker has no such motivation; it's just "POWER!", mixed with a little "fuck everyone I don't have to do anything anymore". Yeah, I don't know, she didn't do it for me. But, again, the episode was good.

              S7E11 - Not Asking for Trouble: It's yaks. I don't like it. Not only was it kind of boring, except for a few Pinkie Pie fourth wall breaks, but I'm ideologically opposed to morals that implies "you're just supposed to GET IT". No. We have to get more comfortable both communicating our our desires explicitly, and listening to what others want. If you need help, ask for it. Particularly if your damn kids are starving.

              As Dataweaver said, there's a lot that can be discussed here. I personally think that this season, so far, have been lower on the adventure and is focusing more on the character and dialogue writing. Which is great news for me, because those are my favourite aspects of the show. I didn't point it out above, but I've never really cringed at any line or felt that they were simplified for the child viewer this time around, which I have sometimes before. There's an overall improvement in that aspect. It also feels like the crew is more comfortable progressing the state of the world between seasons, and many of the episodes have taken that to heart, I feel.

              Dex Davican wrote: I can say without exaggeration or dishonesty that I am the most creative man ever to have lived


              • S7E12 - Discordant Harmony

                Oh wow! Look at that title! Discord and harmony are really important concepts in the world of Equestia, each represented by the princesses, who keep night and day in harmony, and Discord, who throws that harmony into chaos. Perhaps, since Discord no longer serves the chaotic agenda, the harmony in Equestria has begun to oversaturate, creating a sort of meta-discord that is unraveling reality. It might require Discord to-

                Oh? We're doing what? Tea parties?


                Honestly, this is an okay episode, even if the title promises a bit more than it lives up to. In a way, it does kind of go a place where at least Discord, in going against his nature, is put into an interesting situation. It also highlights the difference between adjusting to ones surroundings and going against ones nature. And, y'know, Fluttershy keeps being surprisingly good, and Discord is always a treat. But I found that the dialogue was kind of bland and that the premise, while entertaining, never really took off. Decent, no more.

                Dex Davican wrote: I can say without exaggeration or dishonesty that I am the most creative man ever to have lived


                • S7E13 - The Perfect Pear

                  At some point, hopefully well in the future, when the last season of Friendship is Magic concludes, I will look back, and I will ask myself, "okay, now that this series is a complete thing, which one of the episodes really was the best episode?" That question is a pretty useless one to ask, but I'm going to ask it anyway. And of course, I don't know what will come up in the future, but I do now what would happen if I looked back from this point and tried to find the best one so far.

                  For a long time, I would have said "well, they're all so different, and many are good ways others aren't; it's really impossible to say that anyone is the best." And that would be true, but it would also mean that no one episode managed to move me so hard that I forwent the constraints of logic and felt my way to the answer.

                  And then, there really came an episode that I can call my favourite, acknowledging the qualities in all the others but still in the firm belief that this one episode was the best.

                  That episode is Amending Fences. But The Perfect Pear might be the second best.

                  The Perfect Pear is, in many ways, very similar to Amending Fences. It puts the spotlight on a place in the show that we knew was there, but that had never been developed. It uses that place to create a sense depth and history in the pony world, making it feel three-dimensional and lived in. This is the core of what I loved about Amending Fences as well, that it opened up a whole new venue of discussion in something that has been as well explored as the main characters. Of course, the issue of AJ's and Applebloom's parents have been hinted at several times, but I never really felt that it needed to be talked about; the show could have moved on with us just knowing that they're dead (yes, it is entirely clear that they're dead). But getting to know them was a pleasure.

                  Of course, the plot is literally a classic (good to see you hang in there, William), but there's no problem in that from my end. It's entirely possible to mess up Romeo and Juliet, and honestly, this story diverges from the play as well. For example, the characters get to have an actual relationship here before they died, which is more than the originals got.

                  Speaking of William, I saw that Grand Pear was voiced by William Shatner. I mean, that alone. Also, Felicia Day played Pear Butter. It's cool that they use guest actors like that.

                  This episode was supreme. I believe it's in the top five of the series as a whole.

                  Dex Davican wrote: I can say without exaggeration or dishonesty that I am the most creative man ever to have lived


                  • Just watched Forgotten Friendship.

                    1. Sunset Shimmer reconciles with Princess Celestia.
                    2. Princess Twilight's geek-out.
                    3. Sunset Shimmer isn't Starlight Glimmer; but they've got similar tastes. Right, Trixie?
                    4. [Twilight]: “…the magic of-” [Pinky, interrupting]: “Yeah, yeah; light 'em up, girls!”

                    Pet theory: time runs differently in Equestria than in the human world; arguably, it runs much faster. It's how Starswirl (who lived a thousand years ago in Equestria) banished the Dazzlings to the human world without them appearing in the middle of the 10th century. It's also how whole seasons of development take place in Equestria while at most a few months pass at Canterlot High.