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Does this forum make my butt look big? (That is what is on my mind)

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  • I have two different twitch accounts, and I don't know how that happened. Huh.

    Mouse monk riding a tiny pig avatar courtesy of the very talented forumite Jen!

    Jen's original portrayal of Mouse Monk, featuring some human or other named Tybalt Farwander.


    • My wife got me this coat like, twenty years ago. And I love the coat, especially now that I'm in a place where coats are often required because it is cold. But it's old (it was old when I got it, deadstock stuff) and getting kinda ratty and I'm finally getting around to maybe getting a new one but don't know if I should go for the same kind or something new.


      • It's my birthday! ...and I, for once, don't really care. Maybe that's a symptom of getting older? I don't know, but it's not a bad thing. It's a change (I finally get to refer to myself as "thirty something"). I still hope to have a nice day, of course. I just don't have any particular expectations.

        I welcome today for whatever it is.

        Translation: It's my birthday, and I'm going to use getting older as an excuse to eat like a kid who still wears onesie pajamas.

        “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
        - Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute The Sun


        • I had my 52 birthday not to long ago, was just another day for the most part, nothing special was done anyway. Mom gave me a card, she loves to make cards on her computer, and that's cool and all, but unless you and the people around you happen to gather and make a deal out of it, it becomes just another day

          I see no special advantage to making it a special day, or just another day. Just the pattern your life becomes, whatever it is