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  • HATE seems interesting. CMON's done some really neat stuff with some pretty beautiful figures. I'll have to check out this graphic novel it's based off of.


    • Going to be definitely running a Vampire: The Masquerade play by post campaign set in 1990's Chicago using the First Edition style and setting. Just unsure of two things, though.

      First, should I use the authentic 1E rules or the V20 rules with the 1E setting? (I own both corebooks, BTW)

      Second, should I host the game here or on RPG Pub?


      • I'm gonna be running a Beast: The Primordial game soon set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland (starting just after Bloody Sunday, February 1972). It's been a while on my end but we're finally gonna be starting within the month. Very exciting.

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        • I'm playing through Paradigm with a friend and.... well. It's not the weirdest adventure game I've ever played (that would be Jazzpunk), but it's up there. You know you're in for a wild ride when you walk out your front door and the first thing you see is a beatboxing eggplant.

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          • Originally posted by nofather View Post

            Do you know how the DLCs have been? The mechanic and plot-injecting ones, I mean, not just the images.

            Aaaaand speaking of yet more Stellaris DLC!


            • Next Dead by Daylight killer will be Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. Probably in his Pig Mask appearance since a puppet on a trycicle is not exactly a menace. We're all trying to figure out how they'll implement his theme into the game.

              Don't know how I feel about this. I'm not a Saw fan but that's not the issue: I like their original killers and while I love having licensed ones the last three were all taken from a movie. Freddie Kruger himself was a huge disappointment because he started weak but with some annoying mechanics that people did not bother to learn to play against before demanding a nerf. The result is that the icon of Nightmare is basically a joke in the community because of how weak he is.

              Licensed killers are good because they bring people into the game and is undeniably cool to have them together, but I'm hoping that we can get some balance between them and originals in the future. I play tons of Michael Myers and Leatherface but I have to say each of the original killers is an awesome character.

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              • I tried Dead by Daylight, but I can't say I was a fan.

                I find the usually compared Friday the 13th to be the far, FAR better slasher game.

                PENTEX SUCKS.

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