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  • Logan was so, SO good.

    It was everything I wanted in a Wolverine movie and then some.

    Fuck. I would kill for a television series starring some of the characters.


    I'm a gamer. I'm conservative. We exist.


    • I finally watched The Nice Guys after missing it in theaters and absolutely loved it. The whole thing basically felt like a brilliant Fiasco playset being played on screen, and it managed to make me hate Ryan Gosling a little bit less.

      Just call me Lex.

      Female pronouns for me, please.


      • Originally posted by Fat Larry View Post
        Logan was so, SO good.

        It was everything I wanted in a Wolverine movie and then some.
        Totally with you! Two words: Bezerker Rage!

        I thought it was a great send off for Hugh Jackmans version of the character. He's really done the character justice(X-Men Origins Wolverine aside). It was dark, brutal, and a little depressing...which is probably how it should be.

        Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
        I finally watched The Nice Guys after missing it in theaters and absolutely loved it. The whole thing basically felt like a brilliant Fiasco playset being played on screen, and it managed to make me hate Ryan Gosling a little bit less.
        Watched it when it came out and highly enjoyed it!!

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        • Originally posted by Mr Gone View Post
          Totally with you!
          Personally, I'm worried that D.C. will continue in its fantastical streak of failures to understand what makes a good movie good, and try to ride the coattails of Logan's success.

          I predict a depressingly-grimdark Lobo movie set in the dystopian future.


          In unrelated news, is anyone else annoyed at Disney's revelation that LeFou will be their first openly gay character in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast? Not because inclusivity is terrible or something - being inclusive is great! - but because no, Disney, you are not in fact breaking new ground by having a gay villain or gay comic relief or gay comic relief villain.

          Yes, Disney is due for an LGBT character to stand in the spotlight - in fact, it's overdue. But deciding to have the representative for gays in the Disney universe be an obnoxious little troll (who plays the part of worshipful lackey to a pompous, illiterate misogynyst who doesn't know when to stop working out), a character whose name literally means "The Fool," that's a fucking mistake.

          (Honestly, having him be attracted to Gaston does feel sensible, though - I suppose I'd be more down with it if LeFou wasn't the only such character mentioned. LGBT characters have been the villains or comic relief of movies for as long as they've been in movies.)

          Incidentally, Disney really missed their chance at having their first LGBT character in the part of Marlin in Finding Nemo. Clownfish naturally change sex based on the needs of their group, with the largest being the female, and the next largest becoming female should the worst happen. Finding Nemo could have been the story of a fish finding allies to support her in her transition while on a search for her son.
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          • Well, saw Beauty and the Beast.

            The supposed explicit gay moment for Josh Gadd's LeFou? It's about three seconds of dancing with another man and smiling prior to the closing credits. Scandalous!

            How does briefly having a male dance partner in a ballroom-type dance make you gay? Also, it wasn't like LeFou cut in so he could dance with this guy - it was the other way around.

            I do appreciate that he's rather less villainous than his cartoon counterpart, raising objections to Gaston when Gaston wants to throw Maurice to the wolves; in fact, he even switches sides after Gaston betrays him.

            And there is a lot of gay subtext in the movie, mind - LeFou spends a lot of time admiring Gaston and making excuses for why he's still a bachelor, and Josh Gadd does a good job bringing that across.

            But hey, enough about LeFou being gay; the director made a point of saying how tired he is of being badgered about it, and hey, aren't all these interracial couples worth mention? Well, okay, then - I can't help but notice, Mr. Director, that they all seem to be white men and black women, and not the other way around. But to be fair, I only just got out of the movie, my first time seeing it, and I wasn't particularly keeping my eyes peeled for interracial couples, so I might have missed one.

            Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good movie, and they fixed quite a few of the plot holes of the original. I just wish they'd handled the spoilered elements a little better.
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            • I saw John Wick 1 and 2 recently. I enjoyed them, not high art or feel-good summer blockbusters, but they had great action.

              Aaaannnnddd I'm watching Band of Brothers. Again. Seriously, Spielberg has me on lockdown.

              Possibly going to see Logan and Kong when(if) I recover from my latest illness*.

              *What even is this Winter? Jeez!*

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              • 5 episodes into Iron Fist on Netflix and I'm loving it. I'm a pretty big Iron Fist fan, and I wasn't exactly enamored with the choice of Finn Jones(I wanted someone more athletic), but I think he's done a decent job. Fight choreography is hit or miss, but I'm enjoying it. More than Luke Cage, which I found to get boring after a few episodes, and Jessica Jones, who I watched and enjoyed only for the Purple Man who was a fantastic villain.

                Daredevil is still king to me, in the Netflix Marvel area. Especially the fantastic season 2.

                PENTEX SUCKS.

                I'm a gamer. I'm conservative. We exist.


                • Ethan Embry out of nowhere!

                  I just saw the Devil's Candy on Amazon and man is it good. Chilling and brutal, found out it was written and directed by the same guy who made the Loved Ones, which doesn't surprise me a bit, that was also a great movie. There's some heavy religious undertones, that's partly what the movie is about, but it doesn't get preachy. Ethan Embry plays a Rob Zombie-esque painter who's a great husband and father, even if he struggles to support the family financially, and the close family moves to a house out in the country only somewhat recently evacuated by a mentally disturbed man who lost his parents, played excellently by Pruitt Taylor Vince. He's a 'that guy' and even if the name isn't familiar everyone's seen him, IMDB shows him with 100 acting credits and that's counting individual shows and movies not each appearance. Something seems to be influencing Vince's character, Ray, and it starts influencing Embry's character, Jesse. There's some definite Amityville vibes at first but it dovetails with, I suppose, some Exorcist 3 or something, I can't pin the other one down. It's pretty unique, and I was not expecting it to be as good as it was, or as thrilling. I think they really balanced the moods throughout the movie well, which served to keep the ending up in the air better.

                  Also, I saw We Go On a while ago and that was also very good, very memorable. Main character is a man who, gripped with fear of dying, offers a bounty in the newspaper for anyone who can show him some tangible evidence of life after death. He narrows the responses down to three possibilities and the first half of the movie is about him seeking them out. That part of the journey is pretty pat, though well handled. The rest is pleasantly surprising. I don't know who the main character was played by, but his mom features prominently in it, having raised him alone for most of his life and figuring he needs to be watched over so he doesn't get taken advantage of in his mission. She was played by the actress who played Martha Kent on Smallville, and one of the first people the protagonist goes to see was a professor, played by John Glover, who played Lex Luthor's father Lionel in Smallville. Was interesting seeing them together again.
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