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  • No, didn't do the Kickstarter, I was looking for issues of the comic on Ebay and saw the collected set of Providence and Neonomicon so I picked it up. I kind of wished I had searched a bit because I found someplace selling the slipcase set with all the books in hardcover and it was only $30 more than what I paid and came with an artbook too. It was basically the Kickstarter non signed books pledge reward at regular retail price.

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    • Good deal! Apparently some people were complaining about them being bad with Kickstarters, but they haven't had that many and the one I backed didn't have any problem. I only heard of so-called problems after the fact. They're supposed to be having one for Stitched or something coming up, but they haven't mentioned anything about it in months so I'm wondering if they're changing their mind about it, especially since so much Stitched stuff has come out on their online store.


      • Amazing Spider-man was surprisingly good. It's a prelude to the "Hunted" storyline that begins next week.

        I'm always up for a good Kraven story.

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        • Somewhat comics related. The Doom Patrol Series has been really good so far. I wish they had all the episodes released at once so I could binge watch it, but they are only doing a weekly release


          • After 5 volumes, I believe anyone who hangs around here should check out Harrow County. I like it more with each issue

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            • Can we talk about Webcomics here?

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              • Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                Can we talk about Webcomics here?
                Sure, Kill Six Billion Demons is great.

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