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  • No, didn't do the Kickstarter, I was looking for issues of the comic on Ebay and saw the collected set of Providence and Neonomicon so I picked it up. I kind of wished I had searched a bit because I found someplace selling the slipcase set with all the books in hardcover and it was only $30 more than what I paid and came with an artbook too. It was basically the Kickstarter non signed books pledge reward at regular retail price.

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    • Good deal! Apparently some people were complaining about them being bad with Kickstarters, but they haven't had that many and the one I backed didn't have any problem. I only heard of so-called problems after the fact. They're supposed to be having one for Stitched or something coming up, but they haven't mentioned anything about it in months so I'm wondering if they're changing their mind about it, especially since so much Stitched stuff has come out on their online store.


      • Amazing Spider-man was surprisingly good. It's a prelude to the "Hunted" storyline that begins next week.

        I'm always up for a good Kraven story.


        • Somewhat comics related. The Doom Patrol Series has been really good so far. I wish they had all the episodes released at once so I could binge watch it, but they are only doing a weekly release


          • After 5 volumes, I believe anyone who hangs around here should check out Harrow County. I like it more with each issue

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            I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot

            This is what I'm working on


            • Can we talk about Webcomics here?

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              • Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                Can we talk about Webcomics here?
                Sure, Kill Six Billion Demons is great.

                Sometimes you just got to put on the cape.
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                • Usagi Yojimbo: Bunraku #1 was excellent. Stan Sakai is a master storyteller.


                  • Guess it's time to revive this thread. My apologies.

                    My mom scored a bunch of comic books from an online auction for cheap. Mostly because the ones we got were on the "less exciting" side, generally. But I cut my comic collecting teeth on comic "bricks" sold as a blind-bag of random comics, so I can hardly be called unadventurous.

                    I spent much of the evening reading a stack of original Valiant era SOLAR comics. It was amusing and more than a little sad seeing advertisements for "Deathmate", the crossover that was not only the bullet between original Valiant's eyes, but the straw that broke the 90s speculator bubble's back.

                    Seriously, you have no idea how devastating that was.

                    Anyway, the other thing I managed to get through was Phigment #2, a rightfully obscure comic from an equally rightfully obscure publisher called Pied Piper Comics. It's also the last issue, because only two were ever made, and Pied Piper folded the year after.

                    The comic was not particularly noteworthy - it was okay - but I just found it curious how I managed to find such a small and unnoticed part of comic book history.


                    • *Rubs bridge of his nose* Jesus Christ. Alright, let's do this.

                      So Marvel Comics is launching another New Warriors series, and part of that story is having existing New Warriors heroes come together to mentor a set of "New New Warriors".

                      Two of them are these characters: Safespace and Snowflake (who is non-binary).

                      No, I am not making this up. This is not a prank from 4chan. This is actually a real thing Marvel Comics is presenting, wholly seriously, on their website.

                      I am...I just...what?

                      Predictably, the "Marvel is pandering to the WOKE culture", "Go Woke Go Broke" crowd are heralding this as confirmation of everything they've been saying for years. Normally, we just roll our eyes, because they're clueless reactionaries whose opinions should be discounted. Let's not mistake this post as agreement with the overriding sentiment that "PC Culture" or "Wokeness" should be kept out of superhero comics.

                      But in this specific case, not only do I think this is pandering, it's out-of-touch pandering. Like, the writers - who I have no doubt are well-meaning people - are only vaguely familiar with current trends, and are taking the most blunt stab at making something to appeal to young and disaffected groups. Like, other "New New Warriors" include characters named Screentime and B-Negative (who is a goth vampire boy, with admittedly a costume I like).

                      With Safespace and Snowflake specifically, there's a video of one of the characters claiming, essentially, that they want to "take back" these words and make them empowering., dude, I don't think these characters are going to wash away deep-seated connotations attached to these words. Especially since it's just adding fuel to the fires of internet reactionaries, as brought up previously.

                      I'm just thinking...Marvel, you had the chance to produce characters that speak to the youth of today, and its problems...and you make them into gimmicks? Like, you could have just made a regular superhero and made them non-binary. You didn't need to call them "Snowflake" and pair them up with a dude calling himself "Safespace". It calls into question how much you actually understand about these things besides surface elements. It feels tone-deaf as hell.

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                      • I think people who are claiming Marvel is out of touch due to two characters in New Warriors have not paid attention to Marvel for the last at least twenty years, or even New Warriors. Writers now are almost always going to be adults, and so they're almost always going to be out of touch with kids. But I don't think it's pandering, comics have always torn from pop culture, and it's almost always in a roughshod manner. Look at Dwayne McDuffie's pitch for the Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers, basically satire inspired by Night Thrasher of New Warriors.

                        Basically, they're not trying to gain a crowd of people that appreciate the term Safe Spaces or Snowflakes. They're using them because they're buzzwords that's going to attract attention like this post.

                        As Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing, and Executive Editor says,
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                        • Marvel stopped caring a long time ago. They will sell a bunch of first issues, issues 2-5 will tank, and then they will simply relaunch it in a few years. Wash, rinse, repeat.


                          • Have people so quickly forgotten the edge fest that was the ultimate line?

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                            • Wow, there's naked social-advocacy-as-cheap-cash-grab, and then there's.....this tone-deaf thing.

                              While Marvel has surely been showing how a lot of it's early radical("Radical", look, I wasn't there) representation has been transformed into quick cash-grabs and barely hiding it for know, at least you had some room to argue some of it was motivated by a sense of social rightness. But this? The pretense is completely absent.

                              The worst part is that it's not like I can't imagine a piece of work where in you do have superheroes named Snowflake and Safespace that embody the idea they're going for and have it work a whole lot better (Whether it lands or not is one of those "We'll never know" matters) but the designs are neither grungy and rebellious enough to feel like a tooth-and-nail reclamation nor overtly glorious and bright enough to be symbolically aspirational. It lacks the violence of realism* and the pretension** of idealism.

                              It is, ironically, too safe an approach to be snowflake-original, and because of that, the stink of cash-grab clouds right over it.

                              *Okay pedants, verisimilitude, I know my own arguments.
                              **I mean pretension as a positive and the lack thereof as a negative.

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                              • Meanwhile in Catwoman, Snowflame is going to pop up in June.

                                I'm imagining he's old and haggard now, or one of those CEO-types who strictly does the purest of meth.
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