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  • Originally posted by Kleptomania View Post
    What a humongous asshat!

    Sorry if saying that is against the rules, but seriously, that's not cool in the least.
    Indeed, hence the ban.

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    • So on last Sunday one of Polish City Presidents - Paweł Adamowicz - was murdered on the scene of greatest charity event of the year - Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - by some really unhinged individual. Adamowicz was great ally to LGBT+ community and other socially excluded groups. Whole Poland is devastated by this.

      In Lublin, we had a wake event on Monday and when we come with rainbow flags to honor him, our activists where asked to hide them by prodemocratic groups.

      Me and my straight ally friend where asked to join next Equality March in Lublin committee, that will be once again in Autumn. This time as co-workers, but not the leader of the event, as other local activist is face of March now. Maybe it's better - leading March was too much last year for me, I much more work as 'man in the middle'. But activists in there are great!

      Our now leader even sues right wing province governor and council man for the hate speech they said in social media before last year Equality March in Lublin - even when there are no direct laws to do this, as they mentioned his station as 'March organizer'.
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