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Combating the Wyrm in real life: The Dakota Access Pipeline

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  • Combating the Wyrm in real life: The Dakota Access Pipeline

    Hey everyone, I wanted to spread the word about what is going on in North Dakota for any who may not be aware yet.

    Currently, and for a couple months now, there has been a camp in North Dakota called Sacred Stone. Sacred Stone and its associated camps like Red Warrior have been involved in non-violent direct action against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) which would cross under the Missouri river, and the Mississippi river. It is the source of water not only for the Standing Rock Oyáte and their reservation, but the river system passes through a number of major aquifer regions.

    There has been active and intentional censorship of what is going on there; downplaying of the numbers of people and tribes who have come together peacefully to protect their sacred sites as well as all of our water, the removal of livestreams, major media silence, and closing of social media accounts of people who have been doing front line reporting. Regardless of where you might stand on the issue, I should hope that anyone would take umbrage with the distortion and censoring of information.

    I could talk at length about this, but I would ask that anyone who does not know what has been happening, check out these sources of information on it I have below. Whether or not you have an interest in getting involved (and I really hope you do, even if it's just sharing information about it) you should be aware of what is transpiring because the consequences effect everyone in the country, not just the indigenous and their allies.

    There is a ton of information on these sites, including information of how to help if you are interested in doing that:

    Sacred Stone Camp official page:
    Red Warrior Camp official page:
    Rezpect Our Water official page:
    If you have Facebook (who are one of the culprits of the censorship and removal of livestreams, but they can't stop all of us) then please check out the camp's pages, which are very active with supply updates and related information:
    Sacred Stone Camp Facebook:
    Red Warrior Camp Facebook:
    A friend said something that has stuck with me that made me laugh but I also have grown to agree with:

    "By the time we're smart enough to really understand Mage enough to fully play it, we should be out there actually altering reality instead of just pretending."

    I feel the same about Werewolf, which is my 'main game' from WW. In nature, games are what the young do to hone their skills for when play becomes real. It doesn't get much more real than this, and there is a very serious and present need for people to combat this 'Wyrm'. Storytelling is teaching, and actors should become acters. If you've been waiting to do something important or make your mark in the world, the time is now. Please stand with us, whether its in the form of sharing posts and talking about it off screen, or contributing in other ways that you are able to do.

    If you have any questions about what's going on not answered in the links provided, I can try to answer them. I was at Sicangu camp, the south side of the river of Sacred Stone camp, for several days with the friends I went with. We didn't spend very much time in Sacred Stone proper - most of our time was either at the front line camp (north of where Red Warrior had been positioned before the attack dogs + pepper spray event on September 3rd) or doing supply runs into Bismarck.
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    Good luck, be careful out there and don't take any guff from these goddamn swine.

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      Has a couple of additional links for folks looking to help and support.

      “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”


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        For news not otherwise from the Sacred Stone Camp or Red Warrior Camp pages, I've been following Sara Long, a private citizen who has been doing livestreams and updates from the North Dakota sites, and has since traveled to Iowa in answer of a call for water protectors there. Her Facebook is here:

        Dr0ne2bwild Photography & Video has been doing lots of great footage around the camp, and conducting interviews. Their Facebook is here:

        For people looking for updates not on Facebook (which I totally understand), Unicorn Riot has been doing a lot of coverage of events.

        * The Bakken Pipeline, which is what the protectors in Iowa are calling it, is the same thing as the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Just for clarity, since some articles don't mention that.


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          If there are people who want to go out to Standing Rock but aren't able to make it out to North Dakota, there is also a camp in Sandusky, Iowa called Mississippi Stand (I think the camp itself is being affectionately referred to as Ditch Camp) that has been calling for people to come out and be part of the direct action there.
          This is their website:
          This is their Facebook:

          If you have physical goods to donate to the North Dakota / Standing Rock Camps, especially things that have been requested and are high priority, but cannot make the trip out to the camp yourself and it is too much to ship, you might try connecting in your local community to see if someone is leaving from nearby who can take your physical donations with them.
          I've been told this is a forum people are using to connect for rides and donations, and the more it is used and shared the better it will become as a platform:


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            This is a really useful site that has a timeline going on, which is super helpful for keeping straight when events actually occurred and all the things that haven't been making it to a media outlet.


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              How's everything going? I heard the police arrested almost 100 people over the weekend and got fairly aggressive and violent as well. You doing alright?


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                Here's an article with the latest news, along with a recap of the situation.


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                  Because nothing says you care about the environment like burning piles of tires. And assaulting people. And destroying private property.


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                    I don't know for certain what happened there, with the tires. I'm not going to let the actions of one or a few dismiss the entire movement, however, even if it was legitimate Water Protectors who decided to do that. I do know for certain that there have been infiltrators seeking to provoke violence and cast the camp in a bad light. There are also people who come to the camps who disobey and disrespect the indigenous leadership, rather than keeping their resistance nonviolent and prayerful.

                    A lot has happened recently, and for those looking for news who haven't otherwise been keeping up on it themselves, I recommend checking out the links in the archive.

                    A very brief summary is the front line camp, Sacred Ground (not to be confused with the 'overflow' Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Camp, which means "Seven Council Fires" in English as and frequently conflated with Sacred Stone Camp) has been raided. A lot of Water Protectors were arrested and injured, including medics. Elders were pulled out of ceremonies. Sacred items were confiscated. A horse (possibly two horses, I haven't seen confirmation of the second one although there has been for the first) died as a result of being shot by police and/or DAPL security, who are often times indistinguishable due to the police not wearing their names and badge numbers visible, which is against both federal and state laws. DAPL has been rushing construction and has reached the river shore with the cleared ground, but the pipe is not in the ground up to that point yet. Police tasered, sprayed, and shot (rubber bullets and bean bags) at numerous Water Protectors. The only thing they admitted to doing in the days immediately following, despite dozens of live streams to the contrary, is using pepper spray. That was the 27th. This was on Treaty land.

                    A fire was set very close to main camps, where the vast majority of the Water Protectors are camped, including the children. While it is unknown with absolute fact who set the fire and why, it is highly suspect, and basically a foregone conclusion that it was someone working for DAPL security. People there described there being a constant state of surveillance from aircraft, which mysteriously stopped before and during the fire. Numerous people who called emergencies services were laughed at, and hung up on, and no vehicles arrived in response until well after it had burnt out on its own, to which Morton County provided BS excuses for. The fire burnt out before it could cross the road and reach the camps, thankfully. In the videos, you can see the leading point of the fire moving into the wind, being set in a serious of flaring spots. This was on the 30th.

                    There were more pepper sprayings and "less-than-lethal" shootings on the 2nd, right outside of Oceti Sakowin, mostly upon Water Protectors who were in the frigid river, trying to convince the police and DAPL to get off of the burial site they were gathered on for no reason. The land they were standing on, in addition to being Treaty land, in addition to being Reservation land, is not part of the DAPL easement either. At least one of the people shot was a journalist who was standing on the far side of the river bank, on the camp side, and was interviewing someone at the time she was hit.

                    Yesterday bunch of clergy from different denominations joined the camps and marched on the capitol, and the mayor's house. A number of them were arrested. At the camp, the clergy representing their churches renounced the Doctrine of Discovery and handed copies of it to elders to burn.
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                      Good summary, Yakacen...


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                        Thanks, I'm glad if people find it useful. I wanted to write more, but it's emotionally exhausting. There's a lot more than that, and if you (general reader 'you') have the stomach for it, I really recommend checking out the videos from those days (the 27th and 2nd) and see for yourself what is being done to the Water Protectors and be aware of what is happening, in 2016, in America.

                        And if you want to do something about it, and you can't go, and you can't donate, be aware of the companies involved and divest from them if you have accounts with any of them. This is a hydra with a thousand mouths, but they all eat the same thing, and we can starve it by denying it our money and business. Fight with your money and impact their profits, which is the only thing these corporations understand. There is an image on this page that lays out clearly which companies and banks are involved, and quick searches can show any subsidiaries of those listed there. (Such as Chase bank being a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, etc.)

                        I also forgot to mention, on October 26th, DAPL finally bored under the Mississippi river in the Iowa/Illinois portion of the pipeline. This is the update posted from Mississippi Stand on that day: "We have confirmed that the pipeline has gone through the Mississippi today. We have fought Dakota Access at this stand and have gained valuable skills while costing Dakota Access millions. There is still plenty of pipeline to fight and we will continue to fight Dakota Access on all fronts. We will continue to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and all those that are affected by this black snake of death."


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                          Originally posted by Azenogoth View Post

                          Because nothing says you care about the environment like burning piles of tires. And assaulting people. And destroying private property.
                          ​And nothing says "I respect the forum rules" like making a threadcrap post. Don't do it again.

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                            This is happening right now, and has been going on for about four hours.

                            From Unicorn Riot: "Police are tear gassing water protectors, using the LRAD, stinger grenades, and firing less-lethal rounds into the crowd on Highway 1806 bridge in North Dakota. One of our reporters had their press badge shot off when shot in the abdomen with a rubber bullet. We are now LIVE here :
                            Police have formed a line with armored vehicles, concrete barriers, and razor wire. It is 27° and police have begun hosing down the unarmed crowd with a water cannon. Water protectors are using a semi truck in an attempt to remove burnt military vehicles which the police chained to concrete barriers weeks ago to keep the bridge blocked on 1806. Updates soon..."

                            The road north of the Oceti Sakowin camp had been blocked for a while now, which was causing a big strain on people trying to go north to Mandan and Bismarck, requiring that they detour about 40 miles as a result of it. It has been a completely unnecessary risk not only for the camps and their emergency services, but the area of Cannon Ball south of the camps. This blockade on the bridge was put up by the police and/or DAPL security. Water protectors tried to clear it to allow traffic to flow through again.

                            Another of the live videos currently being streamed from a hill over looking:

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                              An official press release (link to a google doc here, if you would like to share it) from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council:

                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

                              Monday, November 20, 2016 3:00pm
                              Prepared by Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council at the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camps

                              The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council responded to a mass casualty incident that began at 6pm yesterday evening. Approximately 300 injuries were identified, triaged, assessed and treated by our physicians, nurses, paramedics and integrative healers working in collaboration with local emergency response. These 300 injuries were the direct result of excessive force by police over the course of 10 hours. At least 26 seriously injured people had to be evacuated by ambulance to 3 area hospitals.

                              Police continuously assaulted demonstrators with up to three water cannons for the first 7 hours of this incident in subfreezing temperatures dipping to 22F (C) causing hypothermia in the majority of patients treated. Chemical weapons in the form of pepper spray and tear gas were also used extensively, requiring chemical decontamination for nearly all patients treated and severe reactions in many. Projectiles in the form of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades led to numerous blunt force traumas including head wounds, lacerations, serious orthopedic injuries, eye trauma, and internal bleeding.

                              Every emergency medical unit from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation responded to the incident and additional ambulances were sent from Cheyenne River Sioux tribe (South Dakota), Kidder County, and Morton County. 3 seriously injured patients were transported directly by ambulance from the scene and another 23 patients were transported by ambulance after initial assessment and treatment in camp. Injuries from the mass casualty incident include:

                              • An elder who lost consciousness and was revived on scene
                              • A young man with a grand mal seizure
                              • A woman shot in the face by a rubber bullet with subsequent eye injury and compromised vision
                              • A young man with internal bleeding who was vomiting blood after a rubber bullet injury to his abdomen
                              • A man shot in the back near his spine by a rubber bullet causing blunt force trauma and a severe head laceration
                              • Multiple fractures secondary to projectiles fired by police

                              The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council condemns the excessive police violence and calls upon law enforcement to cease and desist these nearly lethal actions. Specifically, we demand the cessation of water cannons in subfreezing temperatures.

                              Our volunteers performed well under challenging circumstances last night, but we would not have been able to do this without the help of water protectors and local community members who transported patients to our clinic, organized warming spaces, and provided food and tea. We specifically want to thank the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe EMS services for their excellent response and highest quality care in an unprecedented situation. “They were phenomenal. They recognized the severity of what we were dealing with, it could have been a lot worse” said Jazmine, a volunteer physician from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council.

                              Donations for the medical and public health response can be made to the Standing Rock Medic & Healer council at

                              Water is Life, Mni Wiconi

                              Linda Black Elk, PhD, Ethnobotanist, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
                              Michael Knudsen, MPH candidate, Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council
                              Noah Morris, EMT
                              Amelia Massucco, RN
                              John Andrews, RN
                              Kristina Golden, EMT, herbalist
                              Sebastian Rodriguez, RN
                              Rosemary Fister, RN, MNPHN, DNP Candidate
                              Rupa Marya, MD, DoNoHarm Coalition, University of California – San Francisco
                              David Kingfisher, MD, JD, Wichita State University
                              Jesse Lopez, MD, Heartland Surgical Care
                              Kalama O Ka Aina Niheu, MD, Aha Aloha Aina
                              Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH, University of Illinois - Chicago
                              Geeta Maker-Clark, MD, University of Chicago
                              Elizabeth Friedman, MD
                              Vanessa Bolin, ALS Paramedic

                              Contact: Michael Knudsen, Medic Coordinator and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ethno-botanist Linda Black Elk, PhD –