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Is John Wick in the same Universe as Jack Reacher ?

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  • Is John Wick in the same Universe as Jack Reacher ?

    I just got done watching the John Wick, Jack Reacher and Sleepless trailers. After watching on them I could not help but feel like they are exist in the same universe. It would be interesting with all the universe building movie studios are doing lately that they would just create an action movie universe with john wick and a few other big action stars.

    Also looking at it I think John Wicks world really looks like it could fit into the world of darkness

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    I hope not, the Jack Reacher novels are a prime example of a Gary Stu type character.


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      I for one, have been jonesing for a mashup of Jack reacher, Bourne, Bond, and Jerremy Reiner's character from the Bourne legacy..


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        Plot twist: John Wick IS Jack Reacher.


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          I like the Reacher books, but I take them about as seriously as I do the Destroyer or Mack Bolan books I've read. Or most of the comic books Warren Ellis used to write.

          Personally, I'm holding out for the epic Equalizer/Taken/John Wick/Transporter/Die Hard crossover trilogy.

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            We do know that John Wick takes place in the Payday universe, which also contains Bodhi, who managed to survive the ending of Point Break and has alternate versions of Tony Montona and Jacket from Hotline Miami. So why not Jack Reacher.

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              John Wick takes place in a universe that deliberately eschews any pretense of being realistic. Its basically a WoD game. By contrast the Jack Reacher movies keep bending over backwards to try and make us believe they're plausible, which makes them unintentionally hilarious. Basically, John Wick doesn't take itself seriously while Jack Reacher tries to play itself painfully straight. These two universes don't really line up that well.


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                On a semi-related note; the movie Knock Knock, in addition to being a great example of two Charmers,
                even though they don't kill the guy
                it's also got an alternate ending that reiterates John Wick's message:
                YOU DON'T FUCK WITH KEANU'S DOG!

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