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  • Onyx Path worlds and Kindle Worlds

    Hi all!

    I would really like to know what is the official Onyx Path's stance (if any) about Kindle Worlds?
    For those who don't know, Kindle Worlds is Amazon's program for fan-fiction writers, and it basically allows them to set their stories in their favorite worlds and even have some pocket money for it. Some big titles (like Vampire Diaries) are already there and doing all right, so I thought it would be great if Onyx Path would share their settings for fanfics.

    Personally, I love Chronicles of Darkness, but it's really hard for me to find players for regular games, so most of the time I find myself reading rulebooks and that's it. But I love fiction White Wolf and later Onyx Path had for their settings. The thing is, there's not much of it and I've read it all Fan-fiction would really save me, if it would be easy to find or buy.

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    Edited: Found my question and Rich Thomas' reply.

    That would be a call made by the new White Wolf Publishing about their IPs, and we have not yet decided on how far we want to take the community created projects aspects of things for our own game lines. Although, I am reasonably sure we will be creating some sort of Approved by Onyx Path brand for community created Scion Second Edition projects.
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    Hi, guys!


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      Thank you for your reply! Not sure whether it is bad news or good news, but the situation is a bit clearer now.


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        I'm trying to get in touch with White Wolf about how to get their older books on Kindle. So far, no luck.