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  • Forum administration issues

    Hello. Registered not long time ago, but there are some issues I've found so far:
    • Date & Time Options in settings says that Moscow's time zone is +4:00, while it is +3:00 for sure.
    • On the top of every page there are text "navbar_onyx_path", in doesn't seem right, looks like technical name, not something to be shown to the users.
    • Copyright notation at the bottom of forum pages is hidden, it's the same color as background in most places.
    • Topics in Trouble Tickets are disappearing without any reaction, like fixing issues, or moderator answer on when they would be fixed, I even didn't get a copy of topic text in case if I'll post it again (good thing I saved it).
    I've not checked registration issues (there was no email confirmation on registering, also "chronicles of darkness" was considered as wrong answer to "What's the name of one Onyx Path game? You don't need to list the subtitle, and please answer in all lower case."), because double registration is for sure illegal there, so i don't mention it in the list above.

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    Not a mod/admin of course, but some of these are older issues:

    The navbar error is apparently too much work to fix for something that doesn't actually effect the function of the forum.

    Topics do not show up in normal view (in any of the forums) after a certain amount of inactivity. The posts are still there to be read if you go looking for them, they're not deleted from the system.


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      Moscow date and time: The date offsets come with the forum and can't be changed. This is the first I've heard of them being wrong, but it's not a huge surprise.

      The navbar: Persistent bug in the forum software, which apparently doesn't happen to a lot of forums. Reported to vBulletin, no fix yet.

      Trouble Tickets threads disappearing: What Heavy Arms said, and also, Trouble Tickets auto-archives.

      I'll be frank: the forums are a little rickety. vBulletin 5 is a platform with numerous issues, but for now, it's what we have to live with.
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        Thank you for answer! I was sure topic has been deleted because it wasn't available even by the direct link. So I somewhat panicked. Sorry for overreacting.

        ​Maybe this info is posted anywhere and I've just missed? I mean these technical things like auto-archiving, that would really help if it is.

        ​I can see now fixes were implemented, so I was completely wrong assuming that issues are just being ignored. I forget sometimes that administrative work is really time consuming, sorry and thank you again.

        ​If you'll ever need some vo​lunteers for technical things, feel free to contact me.

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