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Can't create new Topics in Exalted forum

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  • Can't create new Topics in Exalted forum

    As title.

    I have been trying to post a new topic in the Exalted forum for the last day or so, and the forum has never updated. The "post new topic" page just loads infinitely.

    If this goes through, I'll be mildly annoyed

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    Huh. What do you know. The same thing happened when i tried to post this, so i assumed it didnt go through.

    The loading screen is still chugging away on my other post, so let me wait a bit and see if it decides to cooperate


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      I don't know if there's a notice when you're posting that your post is being held for approval, but that's what was happening. I approved the most recent one you posted and deleted the other half-dozen.

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        I knew posts had to recieve approval, but i've never recieved a message or anything. I thought i was having computer issues, as the " now working" page never went through.

        Thanks for the help!


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          IIRC the OP will have to be approved by the mod before appearing on the forum if it contains too many hyperlinks to prevent spams.

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