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Cannot post on non-mobile device

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  • Cannot post on non-mobile device

    On either Chrome or Safari, my Mac literally does not recognize the text fields as text fields. Is fine on a phone, obviously, but what gives?

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    For Chrome the problem is that the site tries to "load scripts from unauthenticated sources." Probably means that it's an HTTPS page loading scripts from an HTTP URL.

    I suspect the offending script is but I'm not sure.

    Google has been getting increasingly asinine about requiring every URL on the internet to be HTTPS.


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      That appears to have been the issue. Thanks.


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        I have found a way to put the site in a headlock and force it to let me post via mucking about with the inspect element function. The problem seems to be that the box's visibility is set to hidden.


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          Chrome has a little shield symbol at the far right of the address field that allows me to load the script. However, the text box has a number of changed qualities that makes me somewhat vary of using this method.
          And for whatever reason the favicon doesn't load.

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            No idea if this is related,but I'm having trouble loading and writing on the site in general while using Chrome

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              Well, I'm not sure if it was me clearing my cache or something on this end but the problem seems to have fixed itself for me.