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Onyx Path forum and portal unsecured

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  • Onyx Path forum and portal unsecured

    I see the Onyx Path forum and portal is unsecured ( unlocked 'padlock' ) in my Google Chrome and Firefox...

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    Yeah, it's been saying the same thing to me for days now. Sometimes when I try to type on the message boards, the icon switches to a red triangle, and says I shouldn't type in pass words or anything, because they might be stolen by hackers.

    I'm very nervous now, because I was automatically signed out this morning, and had to sign in just now to type this reply.


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      Should we be concerned, or what?


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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        I see the Onyx Path forum and portal is unsecured ( unlocked 'padlock' ) in my Google Chrome and Firefox...

        Okay, no, seriously. It would be nice if somebody in the know could give us a heads up on this. I just had to sign in again, and it's still saying it's unsecured, as well as changing to a red warning triangle.

        Really hope nobody hijacks my account...


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          So I am not part of Onyx Path or the site at all. But I do know about internet stuff. The unsecured warning is because the site uses http rather than https (the s stands for secured). Until fairly recently http was the standard across the web for most sites, https was reserved for more sensitive sites like online banking portals. Times have changed and the standard nowadays is for sites to use https just in case and the browsers have made it a feature to check for that and show it more prominently then they used to.

          Now generally speaking, not many people are going to be that interested in hacking your OnyxPath forum account. To be more secure while this site is still on http I would be sure that:

          - Your password on this site is unique and not repeated on any other sites (especially sensitive ones like banking).
          - Your password does not contain any identifiable information that may lead hackers towards other information about you.
          - Do not store/post any sensitive information about yourself on this site, even in a private area (such as DMs).

          Seriously though, this is not a site that is likely to get hacked for your info.


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