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Kickstarter Errata Forms - Preview Numbers

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  • Kickstarter Errata Forms - Preview Numbers

    Something I found collecting Pirates of Pugmire errata to send by official Google Form of Onyx Path. Each Kickstarter version of book is split on Previews ( that are Chapter or two of final book ). Google Form in Specific variant is asking on 'Page number (numeral only)' - and my question is: On what Preview is that Page number?

    For Pirates errata I just sumed up pages of all Preview like they would be one file - so Preview 1 has 53 pages, so Preview 2 starts at page 54. Then Preview 2 have 35 pages, so Preview 3 starts at page 89, and so on.

    However, much simpler would be to add one extra question in the Specific variant of the Google Form: 'Preview file number (numeral only)' - And we are done there!

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