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No Dystopia Rising Revolution forum?

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  • No Dystopia Rising Revolution forum?

    Wanted to post question on Dystopia mechanics, but cannot find suitable subforum for it.

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    Also, They Came from Beneath the Sea. More generally, I'd really like to see a Storypath forum for general discussion about the Storypath system in all its iterations, with the Trinity and Scion forms relocated as subforums of it (and with the possibility of maybe adding further subforums for Dystopia Rising Revolution and/or TCFBTS if there's enough demands for them).

    That said, my current understanding is that the forum for Pugmire, Mau, and Cavaliers of Mars is basically the “catch-all” forum for games being produced by Onyx Path that don't fit anywhere else; so that's where you should put your questions about Dystopia Rising Revolution.
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