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Is Pugmire a "funny" game?

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    Originally posted by Onkwe View Post

    So it's a D20 game. I was wondering what system it uses.
    It's a simplified 5e system. Very easy to pick up.


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      If you want to get a taste of the system, check out our recently-released jumpstart! Just a couple of bucks to see what all the fuss is about.


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        The writing and setting of Pugmire very much calls to my mind the legendary Terry Pratchett. The concept is very silly, the meta writing is aware it's very silly, but it's all a very silly that is handled and delivered with absolute sincerity and seriousness. A lot of the fun I have had in prepping my first game (that starts in 10 hours!) has been helping the players feel the gravity of the world. They've made some amazing concepts that are both taking the setting completely seriously, but are still hilarious as a player. Striking that balance has led to even more enjoyment than just taking it as strictly a joke.

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          It is a serious game, it's just not a "dark and gritty" game like most other Onyx Path IPs. Pugmire is a real game, light-heartened but no less valid.


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            Pugmire has to be looked at in terms of its themes to answer that question. It's a game about loyalty, discovery, trust, and betrayal. It's about fighting demons who have possessed your mentors and loved ones. It's about loss and having to go on in spite of it. It's about finding your way when the gods go silent. So, yeah, it's about dog-headed adventurers and silly puns, but it's about those other things too. Is it funny? It has a few silly elements, but Pugmire isn't a joke. If anything, it's a parable.

            I wrote about it more extensively here:



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                Alright, here's my take on the world of Pugmire... (sorry Eddie )

                The ancient world was not ours, so the iPads, iPhones, electric toothbrushes, etc., are right out.

                I envision a world similar to Eberon or Forgotten Realms where magic already exists.
                At some point the Gods decided, "Ya know what?, We're outta here!" and decided to advance to a higher plane of existence. They also decided; "Hey, and because you've all been so loyal, and we love you so much, we're going to bring all of you intelligent races with us! How about that?!"
                Now this was met with various reactions, much of it joyous, believe it or not, but some old wizards and philosophers wondered what was to become of our legacy? What of our literature? Our art? Our heroes?... One old wizard, pondering this, looked down at his beloved, loyal bulldog, Benson, sitting there staring up at him vacuously, and wondered, What If?

                Working feverously as the Gods didn't specify exactly when this "blessed" event would occur, he got together with his peers and started work. They began with rats and other small animals (so you can add whatever you like, rabbits, for instance) in the time honored tradition of experimentation. Wouldn't want try out untested and complicated new spells on Benson, after all, and they developed the means to "uplift" lesser animals to full intelligence.
                They were, of course interrupted before they were quite finished but they had done enough, the new world would exist on its own.
                Mankind (and Orckind, and Elfkind, etc.) didn't find this new existence as convenient as they would have hoped. Being bodiless has allowed them to "blend" a bit; individuality is fading into the past, but they have discovered that, collectively, they can affect the old world and lend power to those that remember them. It's not much, but it'll have to suffice.

                This way we have regular magic and divine magic delivered by "Man".
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                  Originally posted by lightjammer View Post
                  Alright, here's my take on the world of Pugmire... (sorry Eddie )
                  That all sounds cool, except that it's spelled "Eddy."


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                    Aaahhh! Sorry Eddy!