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What makes Pugmire different?

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  • What makes Pugmire different?

    Are there any mechanics that cause Pugmire to standout? Mechanically it looks rather 5e D&D, so what makes the game different from just 5e where we say everyone is a dog?

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    There's a lot of mechanics under the hood that are distinct. Some obvious examples:

    1) No experience points. Character go up in level after a significant adventure.
    2) No equipment rules. Weight is ignored, and characters are assumed to have whatever equipment makes sense for them. They can even make a saving throw to 'remember' equipment.
    3) Evolving abilities. Instead of getting a specific power at each level, characters can choose to pick a new power (called a "trick") or refine existing powers to make them more effective.
    4) Level cap at 10.
    5) Fortune. Characters earn a currency called fortune that anyone in the group can use for rerolling.

    You can check out a slightly older version of the rules for just $2, if you like!