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Pugmire backer PDF errata

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    Personally removed to reduce off-topic clutter.
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      Please take the rules discussion to another thread. This thread is specifically for typographical and visual errors.
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        On p. 61 and 76, the Mutt has Friendly Face as a trick, instead of Puppy Dog Eyes

        On p. 64, in the paragraph starting "Assign" it says "primarily abilities" instead of "primary abilities"

        On p. 91, the paragraph on Resting says "during with" instead of "during which"


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          I couldn't find any particular rules for how animal companions or mounted combat is handled. Is this sort of just storyteller discretion here? I sort of feel like mounted combat should atleast be covered slightly considering the lance weapon specifically requires it. Animal companions can simply work off their natural stats in conjunction with the hunter beast master trick though. With the idea that the storyteller isnt going to let it get ridiculous.


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            Pug’s font is difficult to read – and may be impossible for visually-impaired readers.

            p.60 – description of workers, second paragraph, third line, “Atittude” has a typesetting error (letters are present in copy-paste but are not visible on the page).

            p.75 “Refinements” The shepherd can now… (isn’t this supposed to be the first book people read? What are they expected to know that this has changed *from*?)

            p. 137, “Protect all from the unseen” – “Long ago, dogs have tried to warn Man” (was this sentence meant to start with the word “since”?)

            p. 217 is “Caine-Corso” guards an intentional migration of the breed name, or should this be “Cane-Corso”?


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              On page 101 it says a caster must use their bonus action to maintain concentration or they lose the spell immediately, but many concentration spells require you to use your bonus action to activate them.


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                Several enemies in Chapter 8 list "Spot" as a skill, but that skill is named "Notice" in Pugmire.