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How to get Pugmire advance pdf?

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  • How to get Pugmire advance pdf?

    Will I get the advance pdf if I buy this?

    Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)

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    As far as I can tell, no.

    The Early Access version is a shortish book that conveys the essentials of Pugmire. It could be useful as something of a simplified version to use to sell your group on the idea of the game. It was also meant to be an assurance that Pugmire was going to be a fully developed product even if it wasn't fully written by the time of the Kickstarter.

    The advance pdf is for Kickstarter backers, and then the regular PDF and POD copies will be available to everyone.


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      Correct -- the advance PDF is only for Kickstarter backers, as a thank you to our initial supporters. But it shouldn't be very long before the PDF is available to everyone.