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Litter Size and Siblings?

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  • Litter Size and Siblings?

    A player asked me yesterday if dog litter size means that most dogs in Pugmire would have 5 or 6 identically aged siblings. My hunch is that the process of becoming sentient and bipedal would reduce the litter size at least somewhat, but I was wondering if there was any Word of Eddy on this? I checked the book and didn't see anything specific. Thanks!

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    I haven't seen anything about this.

    I have a feeling from previous things, Eddy would default to, "whatever works best for your game," because there's interesting ways to go with it in either direction, and why cut them off if you don't have to (from the game's perspective).

    I'd note though that litter size is roughly proportional to the adult size of the breed in real dogs. As an example you could easily use this to set up an additional layer of cultural/social issues in Pugmire as Families that are based on breeds with smaller litters are more common nobles and upper class dogs (like in the real world, less kids generally means more resources towards each kid, and thus an easier time for those kids to have a leg up in life), Meanwhile large litter dogs tend towards more working-class and poor Families (opposite effect, more kids means less resources per kid, and less upwards social mobility).

    Or screw all that because you don't want to have class-politics in your happy anthro-dog game.


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      Whatever works best for your game!

      ... wait, is there an echo in here?


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        Thank you both! Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something.