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[Pugmire] Some Errata?

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  • [Pugmire] Some Errata?

    Going over the book, I noticed there's some things that seem to me to have slipped through the cracks for the first errata pass.

    Stray Vagabonds (pg. 181) and Powerful Warriors (pg. 188) have darkvision tricks, but no other dogs have this. Think this is a holdover from the beta that got missed.

    Giant Ant Warror (pg. 189) its sting should be +6 attack bonus. Also the queen ant's sting should be +7. Both forgot the proficiency bonus increased.

    Is there gonna be a second errata pass for this book? I think I may have seen some other things that don't add up either....

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    No, the book's off to the printer, so we're not doing any more errata. As much as I would love for the book to be perfect, I accept that there will always be tiny mistakes and errors, and it looks like you've found a couple. Thanks!